Choosing the whole cabinet needs more rationality

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Youmu cabinet reminds you that you should not be confused by the propaganda concept of various enterprises when choosing the overall cabinet. Instead, you should start from the details, meet your own needs and the overall decoration style of the family, and choose the appropriate products

specialization is the most important

the overall kitchen is not only a concept. All major brands regard the characteristics of humanization, personalization, environmental protection and specialization as the selling points and highlights to attract buyers

the function of the overall kitchen is complex. It collects water, fire and electricity in one room, so specialization is very important. Therefore, citizens should choose brand products produced by regular manufacturers or cabinets operated by professional stores. Because, relatively speaking, brand products and products operated by franchised stores can ensure better after-sales service

details cannot be ignored

in recent years, high-tech materials and high-tech have been applied to the overall kitchen, which has made a great leap in function and overall performance, and began to pay more and more attention to details. In this regard, experts remind that when citizens buy the whole, the following details cannot be ignored

first, the design of kitchen corners. The practical integral kitchen not only has a reasonable configuration of large parts, but also makes full use of the dead corner position in the limited space. Kitchen corners refer to the corners like corners in the kitchen. In the past, traditional cabinets often left these corners empty, but if they are fully utilized through humanized design, they can also achieve the effect of making full use of resources

some modern integrated kitchens can also load items at the corners through connecting frames or built-in pull rings. If the kitchen space at home is not large, the details of corners can not be ignored

second, the performance of hardware accessories. The hardware fittings connecting each part of the overall kitchen directly affect the quality and service life of the cabinet. Therefore, when ordering the whole kitchen, we should pay attention to the performance of hardware accessories

environmental protection must be considered

the kitchen is closely related to people's life and related to people's health. Therefore, the environmental protection and health of the overall cabinet are very important. Some experts pointed out that since there is no strict environmental protection quality standard for furniture in China at present, only the testing standard of man-made board (particleboard and density board) is available

therefore, experts remind citizens that when selecting the overall cabinet, it is best to smell whether there is a strong irritant gas

in order to save materials, many manufacturers only do partial edge banding. When purchasing, we should see whether all edges have been sealed; Try to reduce the on-site edge banding, because it is difficult to seal on site, and the factory adopts high temperature and high pressure edge banding, which is firm and tidy after edge banding; It's best not to install a back board behind the cabinet, which is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also easy to clean. Even if you want to use it, you should also use double-sided boards, and the single panel is seriously polluted; The box material used by some more formal cabinets is white Xilai board, which contains green moisture-proof agent, and all holes on the box are covered, which can prevent moisture from entering and reduce formaldehyde emission

style and overall adaptation

with the introduction of various personalized kitchens, the style of the overall kitchen in the current cabinet market is becoming more and more diversified. So, how should citizens choose

when choosing the overall kitchen, citizens should consider that the kitchen is an important part of the whole family design, and its design style should be consistent with the family design style, especially the style of the parts connected with the dining room and living room. Specifically, in terms of color, materials, modeling and other aspects, it should integrate and echo with the dining room and living room. For example, in terms of color, if the whole family design is dominated by warm colors, the color of the whole kitchen should also choose warm colors; In terms of modeling, if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can also be relatively flexible, and the line and surface can also be changed more





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