11 kinds of decoration disputes and complaints are

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11 kinds of decoration disputes and complaints are not accepted. Don't be careless before decoration

>& gt;& gt; Clarify the details of rework to avoid decoration disputes

once there is a dispute in the home decoration project, consumers often want to complain. But sometimes, complaints will not be accepted. Shanghai Decoration Industry Association clearly stipulates that complaints will not be accepted in the following cases:

1 Decoration disputes are caused by private transactions between consumers and employees in home decoration enterprises

2. Unable to provide the name and address of the party complained

3. Failing to provide the contract text of the home decoration project, the unified invoice issued by the construction enterprise and the proof evidence of infringement of rights and interests

4. The price of the home decoration project has been agreed by the parties in the contract, but they raise objections to the contract price and complain

5. Beyond the warranty period agreed by the home decoration project, the defendant is no longer liable for breach of contract

6. The complainant caused problems in the home decoration project due to his failure to comply with the applicable regulations

7. An agreement has been reached, and there is no new situation or reason

8. Entrusting others to complain without issuing a power of attorney

9. Unable to carry out quality inspection and appraisal on the existing disputes

10. The court, arbitration institution, relevant administrative organ or consumer association has accepted or handled it

11. It does not comply with the relevant national laws, regulations and rules of the home decoration project

it can be seen from these regulations that consumers may not be able to complain smoothly in the future due to negligence or weak self-protection awareness in the selection of construction teams, signing of decoration contracts and decoration process, and it is difficult to safeguard their rights and interests





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