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No matter how beautiful a woman is, she needs maintenance to look younger. No matter how luxurious the wooden floor and home decoration are, they also need to be maintained in order to be "beautiful" and bright. Shanmei will teach you some practical maintenance rules for floors and home furnishings

the "beautifying" we mentioned here is a process that can make the wooden floor and the whole home better. After the decoration, for the sake of their own health and the cleanliness of the room, one thing to do after moving into the house is to give it a thorough "cleansing"

in home life, we all want everything at home to look clean, but there are still many people who ignore the importance of correct cleaning. Wear soft soled shoes when walking on the solid wood floor. Don't drag the sole on it, otherwise the wood paint on the solid wood floor will become thinner and shorten the service life. Pay special attention to the dry humidity of the mop when cleaning the wooden floor, and do not mop the floor when the moisture of the mop is saturated, so as to avoid the deformation of the wooden floor

placing some green plants in the new house can not only purify the air but also moisturize the room, which is equivalent to making a gas "facial mask" for the room

the living room is the face of the home. We should not only choose a suitable wooden floor, but also place some tall plants to highlight the atmosphere. Of course, there should be matching flowerpots. In general, it is appropriate to put twoorthree pots of plants more than one meter high in the living room of about 30 square meters

the bedroom is the main resting place for people. You can put a small basin of lavender. The smell of this purple blue flower is light but not thin, as if it were a nutritional facial mask for the bedroom, which makes people living in it relaxed and happy. In addition to ornamental, the flowers and plants placed in the bathroom also have the effects of purifying the air, absorbing moisture and deodorizing. However, due to the limitation of space size, tall plants should not be selected




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