Japan's most popular shiko plans to build a factor

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NGK insulators recently announced that the company will build a new production base in Thailand, which is still used in some occasions to produce ceramic products for automotive exhaust purification systems

with the growth of automobile production and the increasing requirements of governments for gas emission regulations, the demand for ceramic products used in exhaust purification systems will also increase in Southeast Asia, India and other emerging markets in Asia. The construction of this new plant will expand the production capacity system of Jizi in the global shear experiment and timely meet the demand of emerging markets in Asia for ceramic products

JIKO Co., Ltd. plans to produce the ceramic carrier Honeywell for automobile exhaust purification catalyst in its Thai plant, which will also bring errors to the equipment am and large Honeywell. In addition, it will produce two types of diesel particulate filters (DPF). It is expected that the production will start in April 2018

ngk has a total capacity of 9 automobile purification products in 8 countries around the world. It aims to provide free training for 1-2 operators of the demander. Its second plant in Poland is also under construction and is expected to be completed in 2017

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