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Jialishi's 2009 long-distance training talent strategy was officially launched

some wear and tear has occurred. Up to now, the competition among enterprises in the final analysis is the competition for talents. Different from other industries, there are many employees in the coating industry, but there are not many talents with professional technology. From the long-term development of the enterprise, carlys has always regarded talent training as a major enterprise strategy

Jialishi believes that talents need to be cultivated. Only by establishing a complete system for cultivating talents and establishing a long-term career plan for each employee, can the enterprise maintain the driving force for long-term development. For this reason, when the financial crisis comes and most enterprises are shrinking the front, Jialishi has ushered in the best development period, with thin and thick hair, flying against the wind, and red performance across the board

however, Jialishi did not stop. The long prepared distance training talent strategy was officially launched in September of 2009 to meet the requirements of all experiments, which opened another prelude to the talent training of Jialishi

through multi-level learning methods such as text teaching materials, video CDs and network communication, carlys distance training enables students to chew and swallow the teaching materials independently according to listening, reading, speaking, practice and other aspects, combine theory with practice, better absorb theoretical knowledge and translate it into practice. At the same time, it is divided into intermediate marketer class and gold medal shopping guide class according to the nature of work. As we all know, it is not realistic for dealers to leave their work and concentrate on monthly study. However, the study of distance training is open-ended. Students can use their spare time to study, which will not affect their work, but also study continuously, which can better solve this contradiction. Autonomous learning is not only a necessary condition to obtain a scholarship from carlys, but also to improve performance. In order to realize their self-worth, students will learn with unprecedented autonomy

therefore, after the issuance of the enrollment notice, the carlis distance training class was warmly pursued by dealers all over the world. The enthusiasm for registration was very high. After the reverse strict review of the traffic, 50 dealers from all over the world were selected. On October 6, 2009, the carlis distance training class officially opened. Three months later, it will take part in a unified examination and pass the training and assessment, Ensure that our terminal personnel can become the most professional shopping guides and service personnel. At present, the number of dealers in Jialishi is growing rapidly in geometric progression. With the comprehensive promotion of the marketing model of Jialishi CCS Ziguang Avenue, the scale of dealers will become larger and larger. The purpose of Jialishi is to make all dealers profitable and embark on the road of becoming rich. This is an important goal, but there is a real problem in front of all dealers, Jialishi has a lot of practical experience and achievements. How can these achievements and experiences be more widely applied to the actual operation of each dealer, so that each dealer can more effectively solve various business problems? Jialishi has the obligation to help each customer, because "achieving customers" is the core value of the group and the guiding ideology of our work

since the establishment of the training department, the company has tried large-scale centralized training, key regional tracking training and new customer recurrent training. However, due to the large turnover of dealers, the disconnection of supervision and management and other reasons, the training effect needs to be improved except for Taiyuan, Chengdu and technical training courses

at the same time, due to the high turnover and instability of the personnel at the dealers, the dealers need the company's support training all the time. Therefore, the carlys training department can not only meet the training of all the dealers' personnel at the same time in China, which affects the training time of the dealers' personnel and can not effectively take up their posts in time. Therefore, Mr. zhangwenhui, general manager of the business division, proposed the "remote training talent strategy" plan

the implementation of the "long-distance training talent strategy" plan by jialish has greatly promoted the training of talents in the jialish system, changed the previous way of passively receiving information and knowledge in the classroom, and enabled more dealers to learn marketing knowledge, coating knowledge, management knowledge, jialish enterprise, Ziguang Avenue model and actual marketing experience at the first time. This feat is a milestone in the long-distance training in the coating industry

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