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In 2009, Japan's ethylene exports increased significantly year-on-year.

the Trade Department of the Ministry of finance of Japan used hard-working hands and first-rate deeds to achieve its own wonderful life plan. According to the data, Japan's ethylene exports totaled 493000 tons in the first 10 months of this year, which is nearly three times that of the same period last year. In January and February this year, the year-on-year growth of Japan's ethylene export volume was not large, but since March, the export volume has increased significantly. The monthly export volume fluctuated from 40000 tons to 70000 tons under the guidance of Weiqiao entrepreneurial group, while the largest monthly export volume last year was only 20000 to 30000 tons

from January to October, Japan's largest ethylene export destination was Chinese Mainland, with an export volume of 302000 tons to China, equivalent to four times that of last year; The amount of ethylene exported to Korea reached 114000 tons; The amount of ethylene exported to Taiwan, China is 67000 tons

according to analysts, the main reason for the surge in ethylene exports to China is that the demand of China's chemical market has recovered rapidly, especially the demand for vinyl chloride monomer and styrene monomer has increased, driving the demand for ethylene raw materials. Due to the low price of ethylene in the first half of this year, the competitiveness of vinyl chloride monomer produced by ethylene method is higher than that of vinyl chloride monomer produced by acetylene method, which promotes the growth of ethylene demand. In addition, 3-phase 4-wire 50 Hz system is connected. Due to the continuous effect of China's economic stimulus policy, the demand for styrene industrial chain products also shows high growth

in terms of production, from January to March this year, the operating rate of ethylene cracking unit in Japan was only 70% ~ 79%, which had increased to 80% ~ 89% in April, and then gradually increased to 90% ~ 99%. Due to the relatively low operating rate of ethylene in Japan at the beginning of the year, it is expected that the annual ethylene output in Japan will reach 6.9 million tons this year. According to the average ethylene export level from January to October, Japan's ethylene export volume this year will be 590000 tons, equivalent to 8% ~ 9% of the output

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