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JH Welltec, a joint venture of Datong machinery in India, was officially established.

in recent years, the Indian plastic industry has developed vigorously, but the Indian government has imposed high tariffs on imported Chinese injection molding machines. In order to meet the growing demand, Huada Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Datong machinery, has decided to establish a joint venture in India

after a lengthy company registration procedure, the joint venture jh-welltec of Huada Machinery in India's Ahmedabad city was finally established in december2010, and the first seven servo energy-saving injection molding machines were also assembled locally in India. This move marks a big step forward for Huada brand injection molding machines to the overseas market, further improving the global sales network of Huada Machinery and better serving local customers

in order to pass the strict import regulations of Indian customs, Huada Machinery has arranged for the semi disassembled machines to be transported to India, and purchased more than 40% of the machine parts locally in India. Without high-quality suppliers, it is difficult to achieve the goal of local procurement of 40% of machine parts (such as hydraulic systems that control and emit noise and are mostly caused by unfair sheet metal design). In order to strictly control the quality of main parts and ensure the best performance of the machine, Huada Machinery and cooperative suppliers agreed to purchase parts from their local branches or agencies in India

jh engineers are very skilled. Without the help of Huada mechanical engineers, they have completed some assembly work to a high standard, which is convenient for sample replacement and surface inspection. After that, with the assistance of our quality inspection manager and software engineer, the machine operated smoothly and normally. Now these 7 machines have been delivered to local customers. Jh-welltec, an Indian joint venture, will be a great platform to showcase Huada servo energy-saving injection molding machines

"everything is going well. Jh-welltec's injection molding machine has also received good feedback from local customers in India. Based on the development potential of the Indian market, we predict that we will not only achieve our sales target by the end of 2011, but also have confidence that the annual sales volume will continue to grow in the next three to five years," said Mr. huangyewei, general manager of Huada Machinery

Huada Machinery has planned to participate in the plastvisionindia exhibition held in Mumbai, India, in January 2011. At that time, 130t se servo driven energy-saving injection molding machine will be displayed, and BYD will produce business card magnifying glass with 4-chamber mold if it releases the power battery market

"with the strong comprehensive strength of Huada injection molding machine and our local assistance, it is believed that jh-welltec injection molding machine will become a well-known high-quality brand in the Indian market in the next few years," said gadia, a partner of Huada Machinery

"we firmly believe that after the joint venture with JH, our company will greatly increase the share of Huada brand injection molding machine in the Indian market", Mr. huangyewei said

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