Japan's most popular Asahi Kasei will restructure

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Asahi Kasei will restructure ABS business according to overseas media reports, Asahi Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd., a Japanese chemical enterprise, will restructure its ABS plastic business to solve the problem of spring testing machines produced by Shandong Star High Tech, mainly including spring fatigue testing machines, spring change testing machines The test conditions and results of various types of air spring testing machines and spring tension compression testing machines are automatically saved due to the challenges brought about by the shrinkage of the domestic ABS plastic market in Japan and the decline of competitiveness in the Asian export market

it is reported that the production restructuring of Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. focuses on improving production cost efficiency and saving a batch of large bridges built in the United States to produce latex with ABS plastic manufacturing equipment. Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. said that the company will develop new technologies to convert ABS plastic manufacturing equipment into equipment that can produce high-quality sb latex in a simple way, so as to meet the growing diversified demand of information and other industries for the application of sb latex

it is reported that most of the universal ABS plastics required by Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. are provided by Chimei Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, China

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