Here is the secret of the most popular temporary h

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Here is the secret of the 60t mining truck galloping the mine

here is the secret of the 60t mining truck of temporary heavy machinery galloping the mine

China Construction Machinery Information

mining trucks are mainly used in mine construction, with the characteristics of heavy load, strong power and high overall performance. Compared with European and American countries, although China's mining truck industry started late, it has great potential. In recent years, the market scale has increased steadily. By 2019, the global market share of temporary heavy machinery mining trucks has continued to lead

as a key link of mine intellectualization, mining trucks are developing in three directions of "large tonnage, high reliability and high economy". In line with this trend, Lingong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a series of mining vehicles with "safety, comfort, stability, reliability, economic efficiency and convenient maintenance" on the basis of in-depth research on the needs of mine users. Today, let's have an in-depth understanding of the strength of mt86 and mt95, the 60t mining vehicles "Gemini", the higher their melting point and glass transition temperature

01 stable, reliable and trustworthy

working in mines, with harsh environment and complex road conditions, stability and reliability are the basic requirements for mining trucks

◆ Lingong heavy industry mt86h/mt95 mining trucks adopt Weichai wd12g420e211 (domestic standard wp12g460e310) and wp13g530e310 mine specific high-power and high torque engines, which not only ensure good fuel economy, but also have a long service life, and can withstand the arduous challenges of the harsh environment in the mine

◆ the power transmission system should be reasonably matched, taking into account power and fuel consumption

◆ standard engine exhaust braking, eddy current or hydraulic retarder auxiliary braking device can be added, so as to achieve excellent braking capacity, and the internal structure is relatively loose

◆ adopt a high-strength flexible frame, simulate the finite element analysis under multiple working conditions, optimize the frame structure, and use the main and auxiliary frame structure to ensure that the cargo box Jin Min has formed a strong scientific research team to fit the frame, and the load distribution is more uniform; Patented container structure, made of wear-resistant plate and high-strength plate, has good anti smashing performance

02 by 11) service life of the whole machine:> 5 years, high economic efficiency, good income

mt86h/mt95 mining vehicle lifting system takes power from the engine, has fast response, and cooperates with the lifting valve of construction machinery to achieve high work efficiency with large flow and pressure

mt86h mining vehicle lifting system

◆ equipped with high-capacity aluminum alloy fuel tank, it provides long-lasting endurance in the same industry that ensures safety

◆ high brightness and long-life daytime running lights, roof warning lights, rear work lights and other LED lights are configured in the whole vehicle, so that mine customers can achieve efficient all-weather "combat" capabilities

03 safe, comfortable and easy to operate

the self-developed wide body cab for mt86h/mt95 mining truck adopts a high-strength skeleton structure, which not only ensures spacious space and wide vision, but also fully ensures the driver's safety. With its safety, practicality, simplicity and atmosphere, it has become an industry model

◆ the cab seat is air suspended, with adjustable stiffness, which can meet the different needs of operators of different heights and weights

◆ the control buttons comply with ergonomics, centralized layout, and the operation is within reach

◆ full hydraulic steering system, the control force is reduced by 78%, and the labor intensity of the driver is reduced; Self opening emergency steering, calmly dealing with complex working conditions

◆ the above settings make the operator always in a comfortable working state, and it is not easy to be tired even after driving for a long time

04 convenient maintenance and low cost

◆ mt86h/mt95 mining vehicles are equipped with a voice alarm system, which supports the alarm of water temperature, oil pressure, overspeed, safety belt and other functions, so as to master the running state of the vehicle in real time and eliminate various hidden dangers

◆ sliding plate + longitudinal thrust rod front suspension structure, convenient for maintenance; The structure of the front leaf spring is optimized, and the original rubber auxiliary spring structure improves the service life of the leaf spring. The rear suspension adopts a patented maintenance free balance shaft, which greatly improves the service life and reduces the maintenance cost

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