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Hidden dangers are highlighted behind the high growth of domestic smart machines: subsidies have become a double-edged sword

thanks to the low price strategy, the shipments of domestic smart machines increased significantly in the first half of this year, and more than 40% of the domestic market share also gave domestic manufacturers the capital to continue to break through the bottom line of prices. However, the subsidy of operators is also a double-edged sword. Once there is no strong support, how long can the good life of domestic manufacturers last

the national shipment volume is close to 100million

the data released by the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology recently shows that in January this year, the national shipment volume was nearly 200million, including more than 100million 3G shipments and 94.855 million smart phones. In other words, for every one sold, 0.5 of them are smart

according to industry speculation, the overall domestic shipment this year is likely to exceed 400million units, which will be the largest wave of machine change in domestic history. Intelligence is undoubtedly the biggest driving force behind this upsurge of machine replacement

apple and Samsung have always earned 90% of the global industry profits. The performance of waste foam granulator requires higher R & D and skill investment, but Samsung and apple are not in an absolute monopoly position in the domestic market. In particular, in the second quarter of this year, local chinacool accounted for 43.3% of domestic smart shipments, 7.1% of Apple's sales, and 22.2% of Samsung's sales. Domestic brands have become the first choice for most Chinese users to change machines because of their low price, convenient sales channels and increasingly perfect after-sales service before the tolerance of plastic parts used here

in addition, the entry of new forces such as domestic Internet giants has also made the competition in the overall market more intense. Take Beidou, a sales e-commerce station, as an example. It announced that its own brand of dual core Beidou pepper was about to be launched. The price of this dual core smartphone using Android 4.0 was only 699 yuan. At the same time, Beidou announced that it would launch a new dual-core model supporting CDMA and GSM dual-mode dual standby, using Qualcomm msm8625 chipset, priced at 799 yuan

some analysts believe that in recent quarters, local brands have been trying to improve their brand resonance effect and expand and enhance their relationship and influence in operators. With the advantages of responsiveness to market demand and deep understanding of local consumer behavior and preferences, local brand manufacturers have surpassed international manufacturers in the rapidly developing domestic market

manufacturers' low price strategy is becoming more and more obvious

the rapid rise of domestic intelligence is of course inseparable from the strong support of operators. After several rounds of thousand yuan promotion, manufacturers and operators have started a lower price strategy. Recently, Beijing Telecom reduced its five main thousand yuan smart phones to 790 yuan, and still gave 990 yuan as a gift when buying the phone

previously, in May this year, Chinatelecom launched a new generation of 1000 Yuan intelligent machine, namely the third generation of 1000 Yuan intelligent machine, which requires a large screen of more than 4 inches and is generally equipped with 1g CPU. Beijing Telecom introduced five models, including Huawei c8812, Lenovo a790e, Coolpad 5860+, Hisense E920 and ZTE n880e, with retail prices of only 990 yuan

since then, Beijing Telecom has carried out many price promotions in the upper business hall, Tianyi and other channels. This time, Beijing Telecom once again implemented the price reduction of the contract version of the third generation 1000 yuan smart machine, and implemented it in the physical business hall, directly reducing the contract price of five 1000 yuan smart machine main models from the original 990 yuan to 790 yuan, equivalent to a price reduction of 200 yuan. In this way, the discount of Beijing Telecom 1000 yuan smart machine is no longer limited to. Moreover, Beijing Telecom provides a very low purchase threshold for these models, among which users who enjoy 3G packages only need 99 yuan packages to purchase machines for zero yuan

the reason why Beijing Telecom can continuously reduce the price of the third generation 1000 Yuan intelligent machines is mainly because these continue to sell well, and the sales volume is generally considerable, providing room for price reduction. For example, Huawei c8812 sold more than one million units in just five days after its listing. At the same time, Beijing Telecom also hopes to popularize 3G with price reduction. According to the data released by Chinatelecom, in June this year, Chinatelecom's CDMA users increased by 2.82 million, including 2.8 million 3G users. It can be seen that the popularity of 3G in Chinatelecom is accelerating

how long can operators rely on it

recently, it was reported that the hydraulic pressure between operators and bursting tester is very important. The strategic signing information made in China shows that at present, China Unicom and Chinatelecom have reduced their subsidies to China

China Unicom has planned to cut subsidies for smart sales, especially for 1000 yuan models. According to insiders, the move was due to the decline in profits. China Unicom previously provided up to 50% subsidies for the purchase of smart devices with a cost of about 1000 yuan, and now plans to reduce the subsidies to 20% - 30%

the relevant person in charge of a domestic manufacturer revealed that he had received the news that China Unicom had reduced subsidies. At the same time, Chinatelecom and China Mobile seem to have made some moves. With the further decline of prices, profits are also being gradually compressed. Manufacturers have almost reached the point where they only make money

Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei terminal company, said that no more than three manufacturers will survive in the future. However, at least until now, this low-cost strategy has not killed other manufacturers. On the contrary, batch after batch of fearless manufacturers have poured in, constantly minimizing prices

the subsidies provided by operators have always been a double-edged sword for manufacturers. Without the strong support of operators, how long will the good days of domestic production be

Why do domestic brands fight in the same room?

recently, an article titled "Coolpad becomes a loser Huawei may become a domestic brand" caused a Weibo scolding battle between Huawei and Coolpad in the four major domestic families

this article comments on several domestic brands by listing the sales and reputation of five manufacturers such as Huawei and Coolpad in Shangshang mall. In this regard, the bullish sentiment in Huawei's terminal public market has changed after cashing in; Futures: in the afternoon of coke 1605 contract, Yu Chengdong, chairman of Lagos, took the lead in challenging Huawei on Weibo and expressed warm congratulations on Huawei's victory in the ranking. Su Feng, vice president of Coolpad products and marketing, responded on Weibo, saying that the common progress of domestic brands was gratifying. A friend said that president Yu borrowed coolness to hype. I say that's nothing bad, which proves that Coolpad, as the first batch of domestic brands that adhere to brand building and product innovation, has been recognized for its efforts

because this article is mainly based on the sales data in jd.com and tmall.com. Coolpad said: Coolpad is one of the favorite brands of high-end business people, and e-commerce data is not the basis for brand positioning, which is common sense. Coolpad e-commerce has just started, so it is biased to comment on this data

in this regard, some insiders said frankly that they are excellent local enterprises. Why do they fight together? Judging from the current market pattern, in fact, China cool Union has four enterprises taking turns. Since April, Coolpad, Lenovo, etc. have successively entered the top two smart sales in a single month. It is noteworthy that there is still a gap compared with Samsung, which ranks first, and the alliance of the four enterprises is more urgent

a relatively neutral point of view points out that under the situation that the domestic market is generally in the war of 1000 yuan machines, brands can reduce the sales price through e-commerce channels, so that more ordinary people can buy 3G intelligence, which is itself a manifestation of product competitiveness and sense of enterprise

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