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Analysis and prevention of boiler hidden dangers prevention of hidden dangers (3)

the strength calculation of boiler pressure parts shall be carried out in accordance with the standard for calculating the strength of pressure parts of shell boilers and JB calculation of the strength of pressure parts of water tube boilers; The boiler structure shall comply with the relevant provisions of the regulations. For example, all parts shall be able to expand freely during operation, the water circulation shall be safe and reliable, the elements of the non heating surface shall have sufficient cooling or reliable insulation, and the installation, maintenance and cleaning of the boiler shall be as convenient as possible; The designer shall be responsible for ★ the safety performance of the boiler whose design can be simulated and reproduced in the experimental process. The design drawings and technical documents shall have complete signatures, and the review and filing procedures shall be completed. The manufacturer must have the necessary technical force, equipment, inspection means and management system to ensure product quality; The newly trial produced boiler products must be subject to technical appraisal, and can be officially produced and put into the market only after they are qualified; We must strictly implement the acceptance system of raw materials, process management system and product quality inspection (1) guiding ideology system. Only the boiler installation unit approved by the provincial (or equivalent municipal) labor department can undertake the installation task; The unit installing the boiler shall carry out the construction in accordance with the provisions of Volume VI of tj231 (VI) code for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering

the unit using the boiler shall go through the registration procedures for the use of boiler equipment with the local labor department; The stoker shall work with certificate; We should improve the rules and regulations based on the post system, establish an operation management reward and punishment assessment system, strictly supervise and honor the rewards and punishments; Carefully implement the inspection system of workshops, teams and personnel on duty, and deal with problems in a timely manner; Carefully make records of boiler operation, inspection, maintenance and other items; Be sure to cut off the power supply and do a good job of boiler shutdown and maintenance; Conscientiously implement the low pressure boiler water quality standard to ensure that the water quality meets the standard; Put an end to three violations. The boiler shall be regularly shut down for inspection and hydrostatic test as required; The proportion of renewable energy is also increasing. Check the three major safety accessories of the boiler (safety valve, pressure gauge and water level gauge), rotating equipment, power distribution protection facilities, etc., and make records to ensure sensitivity and reliability

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