Hidden danger and prevention of construction under

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Hidden dangers and prevention of construction under high-voltage lines

the extruder Market in China is developing rapidly. The total length of the bid section is 1.43 kilometers, and two-thirds of the length is under the 220kV high-voltage line. There are many hidden dangers in the market we touch when constructing under the high-voltage line:

1. Earthwork construction under the high-voltage line

2. Hoisting construction under high-voltage line

3. High voltage line vehicles pass

preventive measures:

1. For the safety knowledge of offline construction of high establishment industry authority, pre job education and training of machine operators should be carried out to increase the safety awareness of machine operators. A full-time safety officer shall be assigned to direct the mechanical operation, so as to ensure that the mechanical operation is outside the safe distance, and there must be no fluke psychology and brutal construction. The mechanical equipment shall be overhauled regularly and the maintenance records shall be made. The mechanical operators shall hand over the work together with the maintenance records. The operators shall be well aware of the mechanical performance, achieve the mechanical integrity rate of 100%, and eliminate the mechanical operation with defects. Avoid accidents caused by mechanical failure during operation

2. For the earthwork filling construction under the high-voltage line, the earthwork transportation vehicles cannot unload the earthwork under the high-voltage line. The earthwork needs to be unloaded outside the high-voltage line, and the earthwork is paved to the subgrade section under the high-voltage line by the loader. Avoid raising the tipper to a safe distance when the tipper is unloading. The earth filling layer by layer is getting closer and closer to the high-voltage line, so we must ensure the safe distance of mechanical construction. For the adjustment of construction machinery that cannot meet the safe construction distance of machinery or the application for power-off construction, there is no measure to add O-ring clamps, clamps installed in the tire industry, and other countermeasures to stop the filling construction. Height limiting railings shall be set at the crossing to prevent the vehicle from exceeding the safe distance of the high-voltage line

3. In case of strong wind, heavy rain, snow and other bad weather and insufficient lighting at night, all construction under the high-voltage line must be stopped

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