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Hidden dangers in the quality of food packaging bags and vacuum bags affect food safety

the annual food safety publicity week came to an end in various places a few days ago, but the social attention to food safety shows no sign of cooling down. Food is the priority of the people, and food safety is the priority. Eating is a major event in people's lives, and food safety has become a top priority for people after the impact of gutter oil and clenbuterol events

how to ensure food safety

at present, the government has strengthened the random inspection and supervision of food safety, and increased the punishment of acts endangering food safety; In addition, the construction of safe food bases around the country also attempts to eliminate potential food safety hazards from the source; There are also high-end instruments to detect substances that endanger food safety, such as pesticide residues in food. Even so, it is hard to say that food is absolutely safe

as we all know, plastic packaging is mostly used for food in China, and even expensive aviation food is no exception. Plastic packaging has become an important factor affecting food safety. However, according to insiders, China's plastic packaging industry is still in the stage of large-scale and small enterprises with uneven levels. In order to reduce production costs, some food production enterprises use a large number of low-cost plastic packaging materials made by informal manufacturers. Once the harmful substances contained in these materials encounter heat or grease, they are easy to release, especially to infants and young children

in recent years, food safety incidents caused by poor quality plastic packaging have emerged one after another. For example, the mouldy zongzi in wufangzhai, Zhejiang, which caused a sensation last year, was caused by the use of plastic packaging with poor permeability; In October last year, the Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a special supervision and spot check on the quality of food plastic packaging products in the circulation field of Fujian Province, and it was also found that many plastic packaging container enterprises' products were unqualified. Plastic packaging has become a major hidden danger on the road of food safety

but in the world of plastic food packaging, there are not only thorns, but also flowers. Toxic plastics are also the main position of Nanjing's industrial transformation and upgrading. Packaging will bring hidden dangers to food safety, but qualified plastic packaging can play a good role in dust prevention and preservation, which is also the reason why we can't live without plastic packaging. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a plastic packaging enterprise with safe and reliable products

Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., which represents the quality standard of plastic products industry, enjoys high praise and public praise in the industry. Many airlines, including China Southern Airlines (600029, Guba), China Eastern Airlines (600115, Guba) and Shandong Airlines, use the products of Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. to ensure the safety of aviation food

according to industry experts, Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. has won the trust of many world-renowned enterprises, including China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, mainly because it has four advantages:

first, it controls the quality of products and strictly implements the top national requirements. It is reported that Junan Haida has established a strict and layered quality management system, hired a number of professional process technicians with high salaries, and established multiple quality and safety control of raw materials, production process flow, factory inspection and other links. It is one of the few plastic product production and processing enterprises in China that have received a number of national authoritative quality certificates

second, it has strong production strength and can provide customers with one-stop production and processing services. Junan Haida not only has domestic advanced bag making machine, film blowing machine, laminating machine, eight color printing machine, Slitter and other high-speed production equipment, as well as multiple sets of testing equipment and auxiliary equipment, but also has a professional technical team with a total investment of 2billion yuan

Junan Haida produces hundreds of millions of packaging bags of various specifications annually, which can achieve efficient production and mass production, and meet various market needs of customers with quality and quantity

third, launch targeted and personalized packaging solutions to meet the individual needs of enterprises. Junan Haida's advantages are not only reflected in large-scale production, but also on the basis of different needs of customers. According to product characteristics and quality, there is no future of the industry without good graphene. Plastic packaging products are subdivided to promote the development and progress of the industry

fourth, it has a good reputation and influence, and is recognized by well-known enterprises at home and abroad. With excellent quality and high-quality service, Junan Haida has won the favor of well-known domestic enterprises including China Southern Airlines and Jinluo group, and reached cooperation with well-known American dental floss brands and pet food brands. Holding hands with well-known enterprises at home and abroad has expanded Junan Haida's influence and become a positive energy to transmit Junan Haida's brand

world food experts predict that jisg3191-66 (94) (shape, size, weight and allowable difference of hot rolled bar steel and coiled bar steel); With the increasingly strict management of food safety, the plastic packaging industry is about to usher in an unprecedented industrial upgrading. At that time, a large number of enterprises with backward technology and potential safety hazards of products will be phased out, and enterprises with guaranteed products such as Junan Haida can survive. Without a reliable plastic packaging, food safety is really not easy to say I love you

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