Hidden dangers of the hottest plastic bagged food

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Hidden dangers of food in plastic bags

Mr. Cai, a citizen, called yesterday to complain: he ate a bowl of wonton at the breakfast stall on North Station Road. At that time, plastic bags were used, and wonton and soup were packed in two real squeeze bags from upstream and downstream. The shopkeeper said it was hygienic. As a result, I had diarrhea soon after eating, but its quality was 30% lighter than that of steel. The doctor in the outpatient clinic said it was caused by eating dirty food. I also heard that plastic bag noodles are poisonous. Is this true

in large stalls, takeaway stalls and Breakfast stalls, we often see that many operators like to put a disposable plastic bag on the tableware for convenience. After diners finish eating, they just need to throw the plastic bag away to solve the problem of washing dishes. Then put on a disposable plastic bag and continue to hold food for the next guest. These common practices seem to be hygienic, but they actually have potential safety hazards

according to the quality supervision department, there are two kinds of plastic bags on the market, toxic plastic bags and non-toxic plastic bags. Generally, large stalls, takeaway stalls and Breakfast stalls use toxic plastic bags containing PVC and polystyrene. If these plastic bags are used to package food, fruits and vegetables, harmful substances will be adsorbed on the food. The non-toxic plastic bag, that is, the plastic bag for food, is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials, which can be used to package food. The standard food bag is also marked with the words for food and QS quality and safety logo, which citizens should carefully identify

even if it meets the requirements of performance and environmental protection, the plastic bag that meets the national standard can directly contact food, but it is not 100% safe to use it to package food. Wang Bo, a nutrition doctor, reminded the public that although there are special plastic bags for food at present, the public should not use plastic bags to pack high-temperature and oily food as much as possible, and should wait for the cool before loading hot food that has a good corporate image and excellent scientific and technological resources in the local area. Because under high temperature, plastic bags will emit some harmful chemicals when burned, which may cause dizziness, nausea, and even cancer. Oily food is a dissolving agent for plastic bags, which will also produce toxic substances

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