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Hidden dangers of texture anti-counterfeiting technology

at present, laser anti-counterfeiting labels occupy a large market share in the anti-counterfeiting market. However, with the development of technology in 2008, laser anti-counterfeiting labels have basically lost their anti-counterfeiting effect. Network anti-counterfeiting represented by password anti-counterfeiting markers (Chinese patent application No.5) and structural texture anti-counterfeiting markers (Chinese patent application No.5) is becoming the mainstream technology in the market with its outstanding advantages

"things have their strengths and weaknesses". The key link of code anti-counterfeiting is that the identifier password must be kept confidential. Counterfeiters can use many ways to copy, such as recycling old codes, printing more than one code, stealing codes and printing more than one code, and reprinting counterfeiting. Therefore, it is difficult to play an effective anti-counterfeiting role, and even become the umbrella of counterfeiters

for the products currently launched with texture anti-counterfeiting, if the part of the jaw ruler is blocked, it is only made of monochrome (mainly black) fiber paper, and a batch of graphene industry pilot areas and demonstration areas such as the national torch graphene and advanced carbon material characteristic industrial base and Shandong graphene demonstration base with 16 squares are used as carrier labels. In practice, it is found that some labels have few fibers and are not beautiful, And there are the following hidden dangers:

① the texture is too simple. You can use a magnifying glass to wet the label surface, then paste fibers on the label surface, and finally apply high-temperature and high-pressure ironing

② counterfeiters can make this texture anti-counterfeiting label by themselves, and then add it to the database by bribery and other methods. They can also get this anti-counterfeiting label by theft, bribery and other illegal means, which can be used for counterfeiting

③ labels are generally pasted on packages, which may be reused

④ the non texture feature information on the label, such as text, squares, etc., is too complex, which not only seriously affects the appearance, but also partially masks the texture features, resulting in the distortion of texture information. What is more serious is that the label area is relatively large, and it is not too delicate, so it is not suitable for drugs, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics and other commodities

⑤ paper texture label is the best embodiment in the Patent Description, but in fact, this kind of label is of low grade and is not suitable for the anti-counterfeiting requirements of some products. For example, there is no paper at all on the direct packaging of most P & G products, which will appear nondescript if used

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