Here is a list of leakage circuit breaker knowledg

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Here is a list of leakage circuit breaker knowledge, please check

here is a list of leakage circuit breaker knowledge, please check

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original title: here is a list of leakage circuit breaker knowledge, please check

when installing at home, electrical equipment is essential. The four major household electrical products, switch socket, circuit breaker, weak current box and row plug, constitute the power supply guarantee of the whole house household electrical. The leakage circuit breaker and air switch, which are used to protect and manage the electrical safety of the home main circuit and each sub circuit, are the nerve center of the home strong current management, It is an important part of "household electrical" power transmission. Its short-circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection and lightning protection functions protect the safety of the house. But many new decorators don't know their operation and how to choose them, so the following knowledge list must be read carefully.

leakage circuit breaker and air switch are confused?

compared with "leakage circuit breaker" This seemingly professional term, air switch, may be more familiar to most people

what is the difference between strictly implementing the food safety law

the most intuitive thing is to see whether there is a "t" button on the equipment, and if there is a leakage circuit breaker, this button is used to detect whether the leakage protection function is normal. Generally, the owner needs to test the leakage protection status every month, and the frequency of using Siemens green series leakage protection switch can be reduced to once every six months, thanks to the excellent internal detection circuit and component reliability of Siemens leakage circuit breaker

understand the principle and choose worry free

after distinguishing the air switch and leakage circuit breaker, many consumers will find it difficult to choose in the face of various products on the market. When purchasing circuit breakers, we should pay attention to whether the products comply with the current national standard "General requirements for residual current operated protectors" GB 6829, that is, when the leakage current reaches 30mA, the leakage switch needs to cut off the circuit within 0.1 seconds

Siemens green series air switches can complete three-level current limiting breaking within 2.5 milliseconds of continuous electrostatic discharge allowed by conductive thermoplastic materials as soon as possible, so as to protect the safety of equipment,

the speed is much higher than the standard range. At the same time, the thermosetting shell of Siemens green series air switches has excellent fire resistance performance, which can be more effective in flame retardant, and provide another protection for the household electrical safety of consumers

how to install it at home? A few steps to teach you how to determine the configuration of circuit breakers at home is also a problem that puzzles many friends who are decorating at home. Four steps are summarized:

① determine the number of circuits: determine the shunting according to the functions required in the living space. Generally, the most basic ones are lighting, bedroom, living room, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom and standby

② determine the specification of the circuit breaker: first calculate the value of each branch current, and then add it to get the total value of the rated current. Knowing the branch current and total current, you can choose the appropriate current level of the branch air switch and the main air switch

③ determine the mode of protection function: for example, in the circuits of kitchens and toilets, leakage protectors are more suitable to be used. The person in charge said that the air switch at 1p+n or 2p can be selected

if you still feel confused, you might as well consider the green cut series of Siemens home appliances. This series provides reasonable matching suggestions for people who are worried about decoration. According to the basic house type standard, it provides the economic configuration of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen and the standard configuration of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen as a reference. Siemens home appliances has put forward the "home electrical whole house solution", which provides consumers with one-stop services to help consumers realize layer by layer control of household electricity consumption and effectively manage household electricity safety

the so-called "household electrical" generally refers to the comprehensive layout and management of strong and weak current in the home, including circuit breakers, switches, sockets, row and plug and other strong current electrical equipment with a voltage of 220V, as well as the weak current management of audio signals, such as weak current boxes. These four product series constitute the electricity guarantee of the whole house household electricity. Circuit breakers and switches are one of the links in household electrical, which can protect all electrical circuits of household electrical. Siemens' green series products mainly have four functions: short circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection and lightning protection. The leakage protection function can solve the tripping problem caused by leakage and effectively protect family safety

after reading this list of leakage circuit breaker knowledge 335 underground waterproof works, I believe it has solved the problems of many home decorators. In short, home electrical safety first, decoration must be careful. "Make strong electricity safer and weak electricity more efficient", Siemens Home Appliances provides whole house solutions for strong and weak electricity for thousands of households

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