Hidden dangers in the global financial system rema

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In the post crisis era, the security "hidden dangers" of the global financial system remain

in the post crisis era, the financial system has not become more secure, "the current reform of the financial system is actually just fine-tuning". Stanford University professor anatadmati said at the ongoing World Economic Forum Davos annual meeting. In the post crisis era, the financial system has not become safer. The current reform of the financial system is actually just fine-tuning. Stanford University professor anatadmati said at the ongoing World Economic Forum Davos annual meeting

five years ago, the global financial system fell into a abyss, millions of people lost their jobs, and economic output fell sharply. Now, the global economy is slowly entering the normal track of recovery. The current problem is not just whether the financial system is improved, but whether it is reasonable and safe

financial markets are significantly safer than they were five years ago. Douglas flint, chairman of HSBC Group, said that this was mainly reflected in the improvement of capital adequacy and liquidity of the banking system, as well as a lot of improvements in supervision and risk management, especially in the supervision of derivatives trading market

however, ademati believes that banks still have too much debt and risks on their balance sheets. The world's largest bank has the world's largest trading account. I question whether it has understood the risks. Paul singer, head of Elliott, a hedge fund asset management company, also expressed the same concern

in fact, the banking industry has passed the worst stage of displaying the trip value on the display screen. Boosted by factors such as profit growth, economic recovery and cost reduction, TXV aerospace composites, a joint venture between Victrex and tri Mack, a large U.S. bank, had a good year in 2013. In contrast, the overall performance of the European banking industry is still depressed, the profitability is improving slowly, and the credit situation continues to tighten. The European Central Bank's stress test may rekindle concerns about the banking industry

Singh said that the biggest risk of the current system lies in the high leverage of financial derivatives and the lack of transparency. In addition, the uncertainty caused by the withdrawal of the United States from quantitative easing policy and the poor fiscal situation of some major countries also increased the risks

in the view of Antony Jenkins, CEO of Barclays Bank, the business of the financial system is risk management, and the risk should be controlled by closely supervised professionals, rather than leaving them on the bank's balance sheet or transferring them to the unregulated shadow banking system

although there were differences among the participants on whether the production barriers and transportation radius restrictions of the financial system made the leading enterprises focus on technology research and development and scope expansion safer, they basically agreed that actions should be taken to further improve the security of the global financial system, especially to further improve the transparency of financial derivatives transactions, properly pay margins and settle daily; What banks must change is not only the rules, but also the culture of risk management

at the same time, regulators must balance the safety and stability of the system with its ability to provide credit to society. The scope of supervision should be expanded from banks to insurance companies, shadow banking system and other fields

in fact, after the financial crisis, governments of various countries are gradually strengthening their manipulation and intervention in financial institutions, and a round of large-scale international financial regulatory reform has been carried out one by one on a global scale. The United States passed the Dodd Frank financial reform act in 2010, and the European Union passed the pan European financial regulatory reform act in the same year

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