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Jiangsu: implement innovation driven construction of a strong printing province

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core tips: in recent years, the printing industry in Jiangsu Province has adapted to the new normal of economic development, closely relied on technological progress, actively adjusted the industrial structure, widely adopted new technologies, new equipment, new materials and new processes, and vigorously developed digital printing and green printing, Efforts have been made to cultivate "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprises, and comprehensively strengthen printing quality management. The industry has shown a good trend towards the middle and high end

[China Packaging News] Jiangsu Province has nearly 10000 printing and reproduction enterprises of all kinds, with more than 300000 employees. In 2016, the total output value of the printing industry was more than 130 billion yuan, accounting for 11% of the country, ranking second in the framework of production, study, research and Application, basically constituting provinces, regions and cities. It is the pillar of Jiangsu's publishing industry and an important 100 billion level industry in the province

in recent years, the printing industry in Jiangsu Province has adapted to the new normal of economic development, closely relied on technological progress, actively adjusted the industrial structure, widely adopted new technologies, new equipment, new materials and new processes, vigorously developed digital printing and green printing, worked hard to cultivate "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprises, comprehensively strengthened printing quality management, and the industry has shown a good trend towards the middle and high end

general idea: grasp the "three insistences"

to promote the printing industry in Jiangsu Province from big to strong, we should grasp the "three insistences" in the process of industry becoming evil today

insist on promoting supply side structural reform as the main line of printing work. For Jiangsu, we should focus on three aspects of structural reform. First, we should vigorously adjust the product structure, strive to reduce the proportion of products with low added value, high consumption, high pollution and high emissions, and increase the supply of products with high added value, green, low-carbon and international competitiveness by strengthening innovation guidance. Second, optimize the industrial regional structure. While encouraging industrial agglomeration, we should further optimize the industrial layout of Southern Jiangsu, Central Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu in combination with new needs, and form a printing industry pattern that conforms to the local economic development level. Third, reform the input structure of factors. It not only pays attention to capital and equipment investment, but also pays more attention to the investment of talents, technology, knowledge, information, management and other elements

adhere to the cultivation of new industrial drivers as the fundamental support. The printing industry should adapt to changes in a timely manner, re understand the market role of the printing industry, adhere to the "customer-centric", and pay more attention to providing value-added services to customers. We should actively integrate into "made in China 2025", make full use of the new generation of information technology, strengthen the basic support of IOT, cloud computing, big data and other applications, promote the integrated development of the printing industry with Internet and artificial intelligence, and truly achieve a new breakthrough from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". We should give full play to the advantages of being located in the eastern coastal open areas, actively participate in the "the Belt and Road" and the China Africa cooperation plan, and go out to seek new development space

insist on taking innovation as the first driving force to lead development. Jiangsu printing, from engraving to copperplate movable type, and then to laser typesetting of Chinese characters, has always been guided by innovation. Under the new situation that a new round of world scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are gestating and rising, we need to pay more attention to the leading role of innovation. Enterprises are the main body of innovation. We should strive to introduce innovation resources to enterprises, build R & D institutions to enterprises, provide scientific and technological services to enterprises, implement innovation policies to enterprises, and constantly improve the innovation ability of enterprises

key tasks: precise efforts in seven aspects

to promote the printing industry in Jiangsu Province from big to strong, we should focus on the following seven aspects

strengthen industrial agglomeration. Areas with conditions can explore the construction of printing industrial parks, guide the development of industrial agglomeration, enhance industrial cohesion and cluster development, and promote upstream and downstream enterprises to promote each other. We should study and formulate relevant policies, optimize the regional layout structure, speed up resource integration, adjust capacity allocation, restructure the industrial division, and support the gradient transfer of industries to central and Northern Jiangsu under the premise of strictly prohibiting pollution and the transfer of backward capacity, so as to promote regional coordinated development

cultivate leading enterprises. We should focus on cultivating a number of new high-tech printing demonstration enterprises with international competitiveness, give play to their leading role in scale efficiency, technical equipment, innovative research and development, green environmental protection, talent team and so on, and promote the accelerated popularization of the technological concept of solving the cross provincial replacement difficulties of electrolytic aluminum production capacity first in the industry. We should support high-tech leading enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions with capital as the link, and promote the effective connection between financial capital, social capital and emerging resources

improve small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of Jiangsu's printing industry and the main body in urgent need of transformation and upgrading. They must take the road of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty. Enterprises with expertise should focus on their core businesses and improve the ability of specialized production, service and cooperation. Enterprises with a good foundation should further improve the level of refined production, management and service. Enterprises with characteristics should give full play to their strengths according to local conditions, adopt unique processes, technologies, formulas or raw materials, and develop and produce printing products with local or enterprise characteristics

improve the level of industry intelligence. Promote MIS (Management Information System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other information-based management means to improve the fine management level of enterprises. Promote the combination of printing, RF tags and IOT, take the intelligent printing of publications as a breakthrough, cultivate a number of "smart printing plant demonstration projects", and speed up the construction of smart printing plants. Strengthen the connection between the printing industry and high-end manufacturing, information electronics and other industries, and promote the application of printing technology in wearable devices, flexible displays, photovoltaic products and other fields

eliminate backward production capacity. We should take quality and efficiency as the core, further improve the industry exit mechanism, clarify the elimination standards, quantify the elimination indicators, strengthen the elimination, and reduce excess capacity, eliminate backward capacity, and exit inefficient capacity through policy guidance and market baptism

cultivate innovative talents. We should adhere to the development of talents, speed up the cultivation of a large number of business managers with world vision, pay attention to innovative development and differentiated management, and a large number of highly skilled talents who master the latest technical skills and love their jobs. We should strengthen policy guidance and institutional innovation, improve the "four in one" mechanism of politics, industry and research, which has relatively large friction, short service life, learning and research, and attract and train more talents to work in Jiangsu printing industry through college training, external introduction and post training

create an excellent development environment. Publishing, radio and television administrative departments at all levels should further streamline administration, delegate power, combine decentralization and management, optimize services, improve market supervision and service mechanisms, and maintain an orderly competitive environment. We should earnestly strengthen industrial supervision and resolutely investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations. We should strengthen the construction of the integrity system, improve the enterprise credit evaluation system, establish the market "blacklist" system, and ensure a healthy and orderly competitive environment. Give full play to the enthusiasm of industry associations, improve the ability of industry governance, and improve the industry governance system

(this article is excerpted from the author's speech at the 2017 Jiangsu Provincial Printing Conference)

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