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Jiangsu Jingjiang promotes electronic supervision code printing refresh technology

electronic supervision is a national network system that comprehensively utilizes modern information technology, network technology and coding technology to implement the electronic supervision of Jinan Shijin automobile interior material testing machine for enterprise products. Because the electronic supervision code is a variable code, general printing enterprises do not have this printing equipment. To this end, Jiangsu Jingjiang Bureau of quality supervision, while vigorously promoting the application of electronic supervision code according to the relevant national requirements, also actively helps local printing enterprises to improve printing technology and ability, and strives to ensure the printing quality. 3. Pay attention to handling the relationship between the government and the market, and promote the localization of Jingjiang electronic supervision code printing, so as to save the printing and use costs of the electronic supervision code application enterprises in the city. Recently, experts from the Jiangsu Branch of China article coding center inspected the printing ability of electronic supervision codes of enterprises such as Jingjiang Jiangsu uptec barcode label Co., Ltd. Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province is expected to have enterprises that cut off printing, so users must not feel that the more they buy, the better. After the power supply is brushed with a higher quality electronic supervision code

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