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Jiangsu Electric Power: build a platform for the incubation of scientific and technological achievements

Jiangsu Electric Power: build a platform for the incubation of scientific and technological achievements

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original title: Jiangsu Electric Power: build a platform for the incubation of scientific and technological achievements

Chen Hao, an electric power maintenance expert who directly contacts and serves the Party committee of Jiangsu electric power, is in his joint research and Innovation Studio, relying on the supply and demand matching hall function of the "love expert" platform with team members, Discuss the application and incubation prospect of the innovative project "electromagnetic environment net space generator". Data and pictures

on December 3, Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Yangzhou Beichen electric group, the 18th cooperative unit, to transfer the new intelligent low-voltage shunt detection unit technology at the price of 2.28 million yuan. Li Cheng, a technology leader and expert of Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., was very happy: "I didn't expect that the technology developed by our team saw benefits in about three months. Thanks to the 'love experts' service platform built by the Party committee of the company, we researchers have a stage to play a greater role."

"love experts" service is an innovative measure of Jiangsu Electric Power Party committee to contact service experts. This service includes three key contents: leading service, achievement incubation and talent cultivation. It not only builds a complete assembly line for the incubation of scientific and technological innovation products of state-owned enterprises, but also builds a new platform for Party organizations, experts and employees to communicate

"love expert" has integrated more than 14000 innovative achievements of more than 3000 talents of the company, absorbed the registration of hundreds of industrial units, and set up special areas such as the incubation of outstanding achievements on the platform. Scientific research experts upload and display technical achievements, and enterprises can choose freely according to their own needs, and obtain the right to use technology through "order grabbing", which has stimulated the driving force for the application and transformation of innovative achievements

three months ago, after completing the research and development of the technical project, Li Cheng uploaded the technical achievements to the "love expert" platform built by the Party committee of Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., which immediately caused "onlookers" and "competition" from hundreds of companies inside and outside the system. Finally, Jiangsu electric power transferred the technology to 18 companies, achieving a net income of 17.28 million yuan

"In the past, the transformation of expert technical achievements requires us to cover all kinds of materials from door to door to avoid rusting; it is a waste of time and has a low success rate to find industrial units to sell them door to door. Now the company has established a contact expert working system of 'the party Committee is in charge of the general management, the organization department is in charge, and the provincial, municipal and county-level linkage', and has developed a 'love experts' platform. Our experts' sit at home, technology spreads thousands of miles', and the transformation effect of technology patents The rate is greatly improved. " Cai Rong, director of the Organization Department of the Jiangsu Electric Power Party committee, introduced

"'Love experts' has established an online interaction mechanism between cadres and experts at all levels of the company. When experts encounter various difficulties, cadres at all levels work together to solve them. At the same time, it has built a big data platform for innovative achievements, built a cross professional and cross regional team research mode, and supported experts to carry out scientific research and innovation throughout the process." According to Chang yinjijun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Jiangsu electric power, the structural and phased excess capacity is the concentrated embodiment of the unfair product structure of the plastic processing industry. Thanks to this platform, the innovative technology of Li Cheng's team has been successfully developed in only five months

Party organizations care about experts and service experts, which has stimulated the innovation and creativity of enterprise talents. Chen Hao is an expert of the International Electrotechnical Commission and an independent person. He is the main person in charge of Jiangsu electric power company. In May this year, Chen Hao submitted an application for Party membership and was identified as a Party activist by the Party branch. The Party committee of the company immediately recruited him to participate in the training course for party activists. Fang Meifang is a representative of the 19th CPC National Congress and an expert in the production line. On the "love expert" platform, she has jointly established a collaborative research team with Wang Zhongdong, deputy chief engineer of Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, and developed a number of practical products to effectively improve the construction efficiency of the production line, such as a new cable paying off frame

innovation is the driving force of development, and contacting and serving experts and talents is the guarantee of innovation. Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. conscientiously implements various measures of the Party committee to contact service experts, innovates ideas, and takes the initiative. The drafting group adheres to the problem orientation, combines the characteristics of state-owned enterprises, and takes the "love experts" service as the core to establish working mechanisms such as political guidance, normal contact, service guarantee, industry incubation, and comprehensive incentive, so as to provide strong talent guarantee for giving full play to the scientific and technological advantages of state-owned enterprises

driven by the work of the Party committee contacting service experts, the Jiangsu Electric Power achievements incubation platform is being widely used in many ways, and a number of innovative achievements have been transformed and applied and brought into effect. Zhuhongbin, an expert of Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, developed the "gas detection technology and application of transformer latent defects in oil", which filled the technical gap at home and abroad, realized industrialized production and was popularized and used throughout the country. He also ascended the highest podium of national scientific and technological progress with this project

at present, the company has compiled 7 international standards, won 3 second prizes of national scientific and technological progress, organized and implemented 3 key national construction R & D plans, and completed 53 patent achievements in industrial incubation, creating a total economic benefit of about 1.28 billion yuan

article source: people (18th Edition, December 19, 2018)

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