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Jiangsu uses the concept of sponge city construction to regulate the black and odorous water body according to local conditions. Qingshuitang is a closed water area in the south of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. In the past, it was often complained by nearby residents because of the black and odorous water body. Through the implementation of conventional remediation measures, coupled with the "algae eating insect guided water ecosystem construction technology", the clean water pond has improved greatly in the past two years. China's power battery industry has gone out of the mode of investment for market: the water has become clear, and even water plants can be seen. Now, it has become the most popular place for nearby residents to take fitness walks

"I have lived in Nanjing for more than 30 years and witnessed the changes of urban watercourses. In recent years, through the regulation of black and smelly watercourses, the water quality of many watercourses has not only become clearer, but also the appearance of bank slopes has been improved. The regulation needs constant efforts, and the management needs to be normalized." Wu Bingyang, member of the CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, said

clarify the technical route, and innovate the water control mode everywhere.

the remediation effect of black and odorous water bodies in Nanjing is an epitome of the remediation of black and odorous water bodies in Jiangsu Province in recent years

at the end of 2016, the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and the provincial government took the control of black and odorous water as an important part of the special action of "two reductions, six treatments and three improvements", expanded the remediation scope to the Taihu Lake Basin (cities and districts), and the completion time of the remediation was also advanced to 2019, one year ahead of the national requirement to achieve the goal of basically eliminating black and odorous water bodies in districts, cities and districts

black and smelly water body, the appearance is in the water, the root is on the shore, the key is in the outlet, and the core is in the pipe. Therefore, Jiangsu Province has put forward the technical route requirements of "source control and sewage interception, endogenous treatment, dredging of live water, ecological restoration, and long-term management"

LAN Shaomin, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, required that all regions should strictly follow this technical route when carrying out the remediation of black and odorous water bodies, and grasp three points, namely, "links should not be less, sequences should not be disordered, and standards should not be lowered"

on this basis, all parts of Jiangsu have made innovations according to local conditions

Guangming River in Zhenjiang City and Maling River in Suqian City use the concept of sponge city construction, and adopt permeable pavement, sunken green space, gabion retaining wall, etc., to create a good water ecological environment

Wuxi will use the experience of Suzhou, Zhangjiagang and other places to open the covered river to create conditions to change the box culvert into Minghe River and bridge, and strengthen the connection of the water system with the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China and the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China

Suzhou and Kunshan comprehensively checked the direct discharge points of sewage and the records and storage of leaking sewage pipes The system will diagnose the pipe problems and repair the pipe in situ when the state instigates the light on, the rain and sewage mixed contact and the defective pipe section. Suzhou high tech Zone has opened up water supply sources in the renovation, and built a new tunnel through the mountain to introduce high-quality water sources from Taihu Lake, so as to promote the smooth flow of running water in the region as a whole

focus on the difficulties and promote the "river Changzhi" with the river governor system.

the black and smelly river course has achieved initial results, which is easy, and the long-term system will clear the difficulties for a long time

Hua Jing, the deputy mayor in charge of Nanjing, bluntly said that when the rain sewage combined fluid of the sewage interception system in the old urban area is produced into rain, sewage into the river still occurs from time to time, and the sewage from some small catering and car washing stations is connected to China's tariff Commission, which issued the announcement of the Tariff Commission of the State Council on imposing tariffs on imported goods originally produced in the United States of about US $16billion (the announcement of the Tax Commission [2018] No. 7) and so on, As a result, a few rivers have unstable and repeated governance results. There is great pressure to consolidate the existing rectification achievements. In the next step, efforts will be made to break the bottleneck of the sewage system, improve the sewage collection and treatment capacity, and strive to achieve full sewage collection and treatment

Hua Jing told that there are not only river managers, Lake managers, but also "pipe managers" in Nanjing, and a pipe director responsibility system integrating factories has been established

in combination with the full implementation of the river head system, the city, district and Street River heads of black and smelly water bodies are clearly defined, and Jiangsu province implements the rectification at all levels to strive to achieve "river Changzhi"

in Nantong, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the mayor personally took command, and 16 municipal river managers, 184 county-level River managers, 1404 town level River managers and 3930 village level River managers were all in place, realizing the full coverage of all river managers. River managers at all levels take the lead in finding out the river situation, focusing on the traceability investigation of the discharge outlet, so as to ensure that "no leakage" and "check to the end" the source of sewage

Ling Yi, head of Tongzhou District, Nantong City, said, "we have an app platform for river managers, which achieves intelligent management, regular River patrol, real-time assignment and precise supervision, and improves the performance level and problem rectification efficiency of river managers at all levels."

From 2016 to 2017, 172 black and odorous water bodies in Jiangsu have been renovated, with a total length of more than 320 kilometers. With an investment of 4.23 billion yuan, more than 4 million cubic meters of river dredging have been completed, more than 1700 outlets on both sides of the river have been screened, renovated and reconstructed, more than 190 kilometers of sewage intercepting pipelines have been laid, and more than 1500 "five small industries" have been renovated

behind these heavy efforts, how effective is the rectification

chenhaodong, deputy director of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Jiangsu Province, said that Jiangsu takes water quality testing as a technical means to test the effectiveness, and entrusts a third-party water quality monitoring organization to conduct irregular sampling inspection of the black and odorous water bodies that have been renovated, so as to ensure that both technology and public opinion meet the standards

with the help of new media, Lianyungang also launched a special report focusing on the visit to "black and smelly water bodies in the city", and carried out a series of activities such as on-site visits, water quality sampling and public surveys

on May 8, the first batch of supervision teams of the 2018 special action for the remediation and environmental protection of black and odorous water bodies in cities entered Jiangsu Province to conduct spot checks in Nanjing, Wuxi and Yangzhou, and will check the pulse and grade the papers of the remediation of black and odorous water bodies in Jiangsu

panliangbao, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department, said that this special inspection should be taken as an important opportunity to improve work, adhere to the problem orientation, and work hard to solve outstanding problems. If the problems found and pointed out by the supervision team can be rectified immediately, they should be rectified immediately; If it is difficult to completely solve the problem in the short term, specific measures should be taken to clarify the units and personnel, and the rectification should be in place within a time limit. At the same time, we should draw inferences from one instance, adhere to systematic thinking, improve institutional measures from the source, supplement weaknesses, further improve sewage collection capacity and sewage treatment capacity, further ensure ecological flow and ecological water level, further improve the long-term mechanism for the remediation of black and odorous water bodies, and strive to achieve the goal of "long-term control and long-term cleaning"

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