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Jiangsu Jiangyin was punished for unauthorized use of imported wooden packaging

it is illegal to dispose of imported wooden packaging without quarantine. Recently, the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, imposed administrative penalties on an enterprise that handled imported wood packaging without authorization in accordance with the law on entry and exit animal and plant quarantine and its implementation regulations

on April 10, the quarantine personnel of Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau found 21 wooden pallets to be inspected, only two of which had been sampled, when carrying out quarantine on the imported wooden pallets stored in the designated place of an enterprise under the jurisdiction. Ten days later, the law enforcement department of the Bureau officially filed an investigation. In the subsequent investigation, the enterprise admitted the unauthorized use of the wooden pallet to be quarantined

On April 26, the law enforcement department of the bureau sent a notice of administrative punishment to the enterprise. Later, the enterprise argued that it had made a mistake at that time. What had been processed was another batch of goods (wooden pallets after quarantine), which were still stored in the designated place of the warehouse. Therefore, the investigators of the Bureau rushed to the designated place again with questions. After on-site investigation, although all 21 wooden pallets were on the site, some wooden pallets were not stored separately from imported goods as required, some were used as bedding materials for other goods in the warehouse, and some wooden pallets were stacked together, some were damaged, some were stained with mud, etc., and were obviously moved back from other places for inspection after unauthorized use

in the face of conclusive evidence, the enterprise had to admit its illegal behavior, confessed to the fact that it changed the statement and forged the scene in order to avoid punishment, and accepted the administrative punishment made by the bureau with conviction. A fine of 15000 yuan was handed over to the law enforcement department of the Bureau on May 29. The law enforcement officers of the animal and plant quarantine department of the Bureau conducted quarantine inspection on the remaining wooden buttresses while filing the case for investigation, and no problems were found

safety precautions for being good at pressure resistant Blasting Experimental machines: illegal acts of self-use wooden packaging often occur in enterprises. The main reason for enterprises' illegal acts is that they do not have enough understanding of the possible harmful consequences. Most enterprises can actively cooperate and correct in time under the education and correction of the inspection and quarantine department, but there are also a few enterprises with weak legal awareness, which not only do not take the initiative to correct the mechanical property inspection items of plastics, but also relatively single positive errors, Instead, they evade punishment by concealing, falsely reporting or even forging the scene

in response to these phenomena, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded that in law enforcement activities similar to the above, the relevant law enforcement departments should pay attention to the following aspects: first, in the daily law enforcement process, we should strengthen the publicity of relevant laws and regulations, and try to make enterprises avoid breaking the law due to ignorance of the law; Second, the quarantine personnel should pay attention to obtaining evidence when they find illegal acts in the process of on-site inspection. In addition to filling in relevant records, they should also obtain evidence by taking photos and inspection records, so as to ensure the initiative of law enforcement with sufficient evidence; The stiffness of the sample directly affects the stiffness of the system. Third, in the process of investigation, we should pay attention to the principle of combining punishment with education, actively respond to the malicious defense of illegal enterprises, guide enterprises to correctly understand illegal acts, and cooperate with the investigation

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