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Can India become the second China in the world paperboard Market?

although China's economic growth has gradually shown signs of slowing down recently, it has been strong for many years. The statistical results in the fourth quarter of 2004 showed that China's GDP in the next five years increased by 9.5 percentage points over the same period of the previous year. Allan seychuk, an economist at RBC financial group, believes that it is reasonable to speculate whether there will be a second China in the structural test hr15t hardness and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine. Allan seychuk made this comment earlier on Canadian paper week's open packaging forum. He pointed out that the countries that pose challenges to China are Brazil, India and Russia, but he also concluded that China will still lead among the fast-growing countries

as one of China's many rapidly developing industries, its paper and paperboard market continues to receive attention. If the drive is abnormal, plug the USB connector again. "China has entered the world market rapidly through international trade," he said. "Its development speed is too fast. In the medium term of the future, India may affect the market, but it is far behind China in terms of trade and investment. India's high-tech exports are only 1/5 of China's. In addition, in terms of infrastructure such as transportation, roads, railways and ports, India can't match China."

he added that 53% of China's economy is composed of manufacturing industry, while 52% of India's economy is composed of service industry. Therefore, China and India are not on the same competitive line now. "India's development is much more stable than China's, but to some extent, it has avoided the development of the world economy."

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