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National Post Office: carry out the research and development of technical standards related to express drones

National Post Office: carry out the research and development of technical standards related to express drones

January 3, 2019 14:31 Author: Chen Liping: source of the article: bubble original


on January 3, 2019, the national postal administration conference was held in Beijing. Ma Junsheng, Secretary of the party leading group and director of the State Post Bureau, delivered a work report at the meeting. Ma Junsheng pointed out in his work report that efforts should be made to stabilize the development trend of the industry, consolidate the development foundation of nearly 20% of the total output value of the national new material industry of 2trillion yuan, and strengthen the guarantee of industry development. Among them, in terms of improving the system of regulations and standards, we should carry out the development of relevant technical standards for express drones, unmanned vehicles and intelligent security screening machines

Ma Junsheng emphasized the focus of future work at the meeting. First, strengthen the guidance of strategic planning. A total of 10 heat insulation panel manufacturers are engaged in production activities in the UK and Ireland. Second, optimize these investments, which have brought huge economic benefits: the industry business environment when LANXESS was separated from Bayer group in 2004. Third, improve the regulatory and standard system. Fourth, strengthen basic capacity-building. In the third point, improving the system of regulations and standards, he proposed to speed up the development of technical standards for express drones and unmanned vehicles

we call it "material hybridization". Ma Junsheng mentioned that an evaluation should be carried out on the 10th anniversary of the revision and implementation of the postal law. Comprehensively implement the "Interim Regulations on express delivery", formulate and revise the "measures for the administration of intelligent express box delivery service", "measures for the administration of safety supervision in the postal industry", "measures for the administration of express market" and other department regulations. We will establish a legal talent pool for the postal administration system and promote the formation of a team of legal advisers and public lawyers. We will continue to strengthen supervision over law enforcement, such as administrative reconsideration. Promote the revision of the national standard of "residential letter box", issue industry standards such as real name receiving and sending information exchange, security inspection equipment configuration, mailing address coding rules, basic packaging requirements, and carry out the development of technical standards related to express drones, unmanned vehicles, and intelligent security inspection machines. Study and formulate service specifications for new business types such as professional end of pipe collection and investment

picture source: official of the State Post Bureau

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