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National printing and marketing business backbone training at the end of the month

the national printing and marketing business backbone improvement class organized by China Printing Technology Association and China National Printing Corporation Management Training Center will be held in Beijing from November 27 to 30. According to the person in charge of the management training center of China National Printing Corporation, the purpose of this training is to cultivate marketing business elites for printing enterprises, improve the quality of Timken legal team in the marketing industry, and alleviate the current situation of scarce marketing professional resources in the domestic printing industry

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this training hired senior experts and well-known scholars with considerable teaching and practical experience in China as instructors. The training objects are mainly factory directors, business managers and sales representatives in relevant industries such as book and newspaper printing, packaging and printing, equipment and equipment distribution and advertising after each experiment. Specific courses include printing quotation skills and doubt resolution, printing customer negotiation skills, and how to formulate strict contracts and avoid risks. During the training, the teacher will also analyze the problems encountered in the actual work of the enterprise in combination with practical cases, explain the needs of customers and the skills of cultivating key customers. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed skills, teach the use of corresponding marketing strategies in different environments, truly solve the confusion of marketing personnel in their work, and through organizational learning of scientific marketing concepts, enable students to face competition and pressure, and turn knowledge into ability, Enhance the charm of personal marketing, and ultimately bring more generous benefits to enterprises

it is understood that those who pass the examination after the training will be issued with the completion certificate of the national printing and marketing business backbone training issued by the General Administration of publication

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