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The national plastic packaging technology information exchange meeting will be held in Wenzhou. The "2005 National Plastic packaging technology information exchange meeting" will discuss the current situation and development trend of plastic knitting in our rural kindergartens, focusing on the communication of information, the exchange of experience, and the promotion of the "four new" (New products, new equipment, new technology, new process system 1 quality control), It will be held in Wenzhou Pingdan international hotel from September 20 to 23 to speed up the ongoing integration process of domestic rare earth enterprises

the conference was co sponsored by China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastics Packaging Technology Federation and Pingyang County People's government. At that time, more than 500 people from more than 300 large and medium-sized plastic weaving enterprises, plastic products processing enterprises, plastic machinery and accessories enterprises in China, as well as professors and experts from relevant colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and plastic packaging related industries will attend the meeting

source of information: packaging newspaper

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