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The national printing machinery standard review meeting was held in Beijing

the 2003 annual standard review meeting of the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was held in Beijing a few days ago

Mr. wangchanglin explained the CB/t1.1 standard compilation method and the knowledge related to product standards to the participants. He mentioned that third rate enterprises sell coolies, second rate enterprises sell products, first-class enterprises sell technology, and super first-class enterprises sell standards; Technical standards are more important than technology; The participants were inspired by the views that standard technology should pay attention to business operation. Li Yingmin, member of beiren group company, explained the main contents of chapters 1-5 and 8-16 of ISO/dbl2649-2002 (printing technology - post press binding and mechanical properties of finished products do not meet the safety requirements of processing systems and equipment), and focused on Chapter 5, major hazard protection. The representatives were also briefed on the process of project establishment, translation, color marking and review of the safety standard, and the future progress of the plan was explained. Hanxiaoliang, a consultant of the Standardization Committee, also affirmed the Dutch legislation that garbage disposal should first avoid the generation of garbage. At the meeting, he talked about reviewing the general impression of ISO/dis12649--2002 (printing technology - Safety requirements for post press binding and finished product processing systems and equipment), changing ideas, strengthening understanding and other issues. At the same time, Chapter 6 and 7 of the standard - other hazard protection and special requirements related to the machine - the dust and other impurities in the electrical box should be cleaned before the tensile testing machine is powered on

at the standard review meeting, the participants reviewed two newly formulated standards - flexographic printing machine, wire printing aluminum alloy frame standard professional decentralized standard; Eight revised standards - testing method of noise and sound power of printing machine, classification of printing machine, testing plate of sheet fed lithographic printing machine, offset plate making positioning puncher, book block flattening machine, method for compiling product model of printing machine, adhesive binding coupling machine, vacuum pressure composite air pump, and a draft of national standard revision application for sheet fed lithographic printing machine left over from history. After full discussion and careful study at the conference, seven standards were passed successively, including flexographic printing press, noise power test method of printing press, classification of printing press, sheet fed lithographic printing machine test printing plate, offset plate making positioning puncher, book block flattening machine, and sheet fed lithographic printing machine, which were submitted for approval after the text and expression were modified by the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee. The new standard - the standard of aluminum alloy frame for silk printing and the modified standard - the method for preparing the product model of printing machine and the adhesive binding machine are revised according to the opinions put forward at the meeting, and then submitted to the annual meeting for review and approval

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