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The national printing business backbone ability improvement class is held in Beijing

every year is the busiest stage of the printing industry. Even so, the "national printing business backbone capacity improvement class" organized by the China Printing Technology Association and the China National Printing Corporation Training Center was held as scheduled at the xiyuyuan Conference Center in Changping, Beijing, with a total of more than 70 participants. The trainees of this training course came from 25 units in 13 provinces and cities including Beijing, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Henan, Gansu, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi. Some units sent 7 people to participate in this training course at one time, reflecting the high learning enthusiasm of peers in the industry

with the increasingly fierce competition in China's printing market, printing enterprises pay more and more attention to how to ensure the success of printing business negotiations. The China Printing Technology Association and the training center of China National Printing Corporation set up printing business backbone training courses according to the needs of some printing enterprises. Let the business backbone learn the scientific marketing concept and the practical operation method of winning the negotiation in a short time, so as to improve the ability of the business backbone in printing quotation, negotiation, customer management and other aspects, solve the actual work confusion, and finally enable the enterprise to expand business resources and win the fierce market competition

at 8:30 a.m. on November 18, 2006, the opening ceremony of the national printing business backbone capacity improvement class began. First, Mr. heyuanyu, senior consultant of China Printing Technology Association, delivered a speech. He Laojiang made a thorough analysis of the current situation of the printing industry, especially the current situation of the printing market and the importance of training in the printing industry, and put forward higher requirements and high expectations for the backbone of the national printing business present. Wang Kewei, director of the training center, introduced the basic situation of the training center of China National Printing Corporation: the training center is a professional and technical training institution of printing in China that integrates skills training, human resources and information resources. In the development process of more than 30 years, the center has always adhered to "taking training services as the essence, social needs as the guidance, and running schools in good faith as the purpose", and has delivered a large number of printing professional and technical talents for printing enterprises, which has a wide and far-reaching impact in the industry. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 1978, the training center has established a printing technical school and a TV University, which have trained reserve forces in the production front line for enterprises and a large number of Party and government cadres for the publishing and printing industry. As a training base of the central state machinery Examination Commission, the training center has trained more than 5000 junior, middle and senior workers and technicians and senior technicians for the printing plants of central organs and ministries and commissions in Beijing in the past 15 years. A large number of new technical talents have been trained for the transformation and renewal of equipment in the ninth five year plan and the tenth five year plan. Director Wang finally said: if the above conditions are normal, "I hope you can really master the latest business philosophy and business practice methods through learning, and bring back the essence learned to drive the expansion and development of the business of the enterprise. This is our training purpose."

the curriculum of this training was carefully planned by the China Printing Technology Association and the training center of China National Printing Corporation. Ms. guoxiaoling, Department of marketing, School of international business, University of international business and economics, is a doctor of management from the University of Nancy, France, and a master of economics from Renmin University of China. The service marketing strategies and customer communication skills taught by Mr. Guo exposed the students to the latest international marketing concepts and scientific research methods. Although the theory course is abstract and difficult to understand, it is very general and instructive. Professor Guo systematically helps business backbones master theoretical courses that are not usually involved by combining a large number of actual situations and data of the printing industry. The students thought actively, understood it carefully as much as possible, and often walked off the platform to interact with the students one-on-one. The students also responded very positively, competing to answer the questions raised by the teachers in class, interactive teaching, and heated discussion in class. Some students are still discussing the teacher's teaching content after class

Mr. zhanglingui, the leader of the top 100 printing enterprises and the general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., taught you courses such as "communication with printing customers, negotiation skills, and providing personalized services to customers". In class, the students listened attentively. In the "curriculum questionnaire" after class, president Zhang's curriculum was generally considered "very practical and easy to understand". President Zhang's course is very similar to the actual situation you encounter, which solves some puzzles in the actual work, enables the students to learn successful management methods and negotiation skills, improves themselves, and enables the students' understanding of business management to a new level

Mr. Zhang Limin, who has been doing business work in printing enterprises and has rich practical experience, told you about the topics of "printing quotation skills and doubt resolution, contract formulation, risk avoidance, dispute determination and resolution". Mr. Zhang summarized the problems he had encountered in the industry for decades, and explained the examples of how to avoid risks and solve disputes. He listed exercises on the blackboard for everyone at the scene, and explained each factor in detail. The students carefully recorded, carefully experienced and actively thought. After class, teacher Zhang said, "everyone listened very carefully and answered some difficult questions. The foundation of the trainees in this training class is very good."

during the two-day training, the students who passed the examination obtained the completion certificate of "national printing business backbone training" issued by China Printing Technology Association. At the graduation party, the students showed their talents and competed to perform. The atmosphere was warm and peaceful. It was not difficult to see the good quality of business backbones in all aspects. The students established contact and deepened friendship with each other. Everyone ended the training with laughter, and students from all over the country returned home with a smile and a full load

after the training, the training center of China National Printing Corporation issued a questionnaire to the trainees. According to statistics, it is generally reflected that the training course is practical, compact and well-organized, but the time is too short. The participants requested that more such training be organized in the future to increase opportunities for exchange. And I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the China Printing Technology Association and the training center of China National Printing Corporation

today, with the gradual development of the printing industry, the team of peers in the printing industry is growing, and it is very necessary to study and improve, communicate and share resources. The China Printing Technology Association and the training center of China National Printing Corporation have actively organized various seminars, training courses and fraternities to provide a platform for everyone to learn practical knowledge and exchange with each other, and have done some practical work in this regard. Just as he Lao, a consultant of China Printing Technology Association, said in the end: colleagues in the industry should work together to achieve the goals of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the printing industry, contribute to meet a more brilliant tomorrow for the printing industry

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