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National policies promote the food machinery industry to get involved in online marketing. At present, consumption based on e-commerce, cloud computing and other information platforms is growing rapidly, with e-commerce transactions exceeding 18 trillion yuan and online retail transactions exceeding 3 trillion yuan. On the 14th, the State Council released the "several opinions on promoting information consumption and expanding domestic demand, measuring value and marking 1", promoting the rapid and healthy growth of information consumption for production, life and management. This news greatly benefits the integrated network marketing of the food machinery industry

promote information consumption and expand domestic demand

after discussion and approval at the executive meeting of the State Council, the State Council recently issued several opinions on promoting information consumption and expanding domestic demand. The opinions put forward that by 2015, the scale of information consumption will exceed 3.2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 20%, and drive the new output of related industries to exceed 1.2 trillion yuan, which also has a huge comparative advantage; The scale of new information consumption based on Internet has reached 2.4 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 30%

information consumption includes three aspects: information products and services, and promoting consumption based on information networks. At present, China's information consumption has a good foundation. According to statistics, in 2012, the scale of information consumption reached 1.72 trillion yuan, an increase of 29% year-on-year, driving the new output of 930 billion yuan in related industries

the commercial operation of cloud computing services is maturing, which not only promotes the wave of informatization in traditional industries, but also brings huge new market space for information consumption. With the widespread use of computer technology, the data from China Internet Network Information Center shows that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the scale of China's cloud computing industry chain can reach 750billion yuan to 1trillion yuan

cloud computing has also promoted the rapid development of online precision marketing based on big data. Internet companies seize the opportunities brought by big data, Taobao, Tencent and Baidu have increased their R & D investment, and launched precision marketing service solutions and data products based on big data support. Big data applications are beginning to take shape

food machinery industry involved in network marketing

with the development of the times, the progress of technology, informatization sweeping the world, the popularity of personal computers, network marketing is no longer a new term. In this era of universal coverage, network marketing is making a lot of money for enterprises involved in this field with its advantages of fast communication speed, wide coverage and strong interaction

food machinery plays a vital role in the development of food processing industry, which not only greatly liberates the labor force, but also improves the operation efficiency and improves the productivity of the food industry. In the sales of large-scale food machinery, the network sales channels are becoming more and more intense. China's food machinery and equipment is focused on the e-commerce platform of the food machinery industry. In line with the business philosophy of integrity, professionalism and reliability, it is recognized by consumers. Its food machinery has a complete range of types, which should be available

when it comes to the online sales channels of food machinery, it is certain that the quality of food machinery products sold online is better, but the follow-up services must keep up. From logistics services to mechanical maintenance and repair services in the final use process need to be further followed up in order to win the reputation of consumers. The merchants on China's food machinery and equipment have been uniformly certified, reliable and trustworthy, which can fully protect the interests of consumers. China's food machinery and equipment has built a good purchase and sales platform for merchants and consumers, so as to protect the interests of both sides and achieve a win-win situation

the ultimate goal of integrated network marketing is to obtain customers, obtain orders, improve the company's sales, and establish its own network brand at the same time. The solutions proposed by network marketing planning companies that really understand integration are targeted, personalized and unique for enterprises. According to the current situation of the enterprise, the target customer group of the enterprise, and the emphasis of the enterprise on brand and sales, it can be carefully selected from various network marketing methods, which can be combined into an effective network marketing overall solution and obtain new impetus for the development of food machinery enterprises

how to do well in marketing in the era of e-commerce

for food machinery manufacturing enterprises, network marketing is a problem that must be faced. It includes network video marketing, network brand promotion, the establishment and promotion of vertical stations, the establishment of databases, the short answer of entries, and so on. All of them have been developed by food machinery enterprises at present

however, food machinery enterprises should correctly position themselves before they start to get involved in online marketing. Only by recognizing the market stage and the communication stage of the product, can we find a suitable network marketing plan. The planned plan needs to be implemented, and the importance of implementation is self-evident. After correctly positioning the enterprise itself, we should actively build a network marketing platform with our own technical personnel as support. When their own technical level or enterprise energy can not complete the enterprise's network marketing plan, food machinery enterprises should appropriately supplement their technical deficiencies through e-commerce media and network marketing platform

in addition, for food machinery enterprises, network marketing without using new materials will only have 832kg light, which needs the support of network technology. It should be recognized that if you want to achieve better brand promotion effect through network interaction, you should pay attention to the content of marketing, which does not refer to the copy of marketing publicity, but to products. Products are the best instructions for enterprises

therefore, in order to get involved in network marketing, food machinery enterprises should not only establish an appropriate network platform, but also have excellent food machinery products. In this way, only through road marketing can they achieve satisfactory brand promotion results

summary: as Mr. Ma Yun said: without e-commerce, there will be no business in the future. Since the emergence of Internet, it has developed rapidly. The popularity of Internet has made online sales the most potential way of sales in the 21st century. The rapid growth of information consumption has provided a pair of wings for food machinery enterprises to grow faster

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