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The 48million yuan square in Hunan national poverty-stricken county is still illuminated by kerosene lamps. Original title: Patrol sword pierces the "broad face" of the poverty-stricken county. The picture shows the Ailian square built by borrowing money in Rucheng County, Hunan Province, a national poverty-stricken county that has not yet been lifted out of poverty. Only 6 ginkgo trees cost 2.85 million yuan, and 8 totem stone pillars cost 1.2 million yuan. Opposite the square is the office building of the county Party committee and government. (data picture)

the ancient ginkgo tree, which can be surrounded by two hands, stands in front of the building of the county Party committee and the county government in a row; Opposite the main gate of the building, on the open square, eight totem stone columns stand in the center, which are arranged in an arc shape along the central axis. Around the square, there are many tall buildings...

it is hard to imagine that this picture is a national poverty-stricken county, Rucheng County, Hunan Province, which has not yet been lifted out of poverty. On July 27, according to the feedback of the third round of inspection of the 11th Hunan provincial Party committee, the main problems of Rucheng County Party committee are: "the leadership role of the Party committee is weakened, the grass-roots party construction work is virtualized, and the political ecology is poor. The poverty alleviation work is not effective, the problems of image engineering and political performance engineering are prominent, and some people's livelihood problems have not been solved for a long time..."

from February to may, the fourth inspection team of Hunan provincial Party Committee visited Chenzhou City and its subordinate Rucheng County Guidong county carried out routine inspection. For the so-called political achievements, Rucheng ignored the reality of being a national poverty-stricken county and did not seriously implement the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on winning the battle against poverty. Instead, it borrowed money on a large scale to build a large number of "image projects" and "political achievement projects", which were revealed one by one

the "broad face" of national poverty-stricken counties

on February 28, it was cold in spring. The fourth inspection team of the Hunan provincial Party committee stationed in Rucheng County to carry out inspection

the vehicle of the inspection team came down from pingru Expressway and drove on the wide Rucheng Avenue. The scene in front of me gradually surprised the members of the inspection team: this road is more magnificent than that of a big city! Rucheng itself is a mountain city. There are many trees on the mountain, but a large number of landscape trees are planted on the green belt. Judging from the scale and cost

is this a national poverty-stricken county? The inspection team sensitively detected something wrong. In the evening of that day, group leader tangsongcheng proposed to "go out for a walk". This turn completely stunned everyone

when passing in front of the office building of the county Party committee and the county government, several people stopped at the same time. Several giant ginkgo trees stand in front, tall, beautiful and eye-catching, with their trunks pointing directly into the clouds

what is the diameter of this tree? Everyone tried to hug, but they couldn't hold the tree! Looking back at the "rich" square opposite...

is this really a national poverty-stricken county? The same question came to mind again

two days later, a large number of public reports once again responded to this "question". Some people reported to the inspection team that Rucheng County was not in place and biased in the implementation of the central poverty alleviation policy, and a large amount of funds were used to build wide roads, large squares and luxury buildings in the county with equipment structures...

when the comrades of the inspection team asked about the debts of the county government, no one could tell

"what are you waiting for? Learn more!" Li Chi, the deputy leader of the inspection team, has worked for many years in the Economic Department of the provincial government, where the tire is rotating on the inside of the drum. The current situation can be said to be "a wild boar hit the muzzle of a hunter"

Li Chi and his team members didn't go out of the room for two days and two nights. When the physical strength was close to the limit, the problem finally came to the bottom: Rucheng County Party committee and county government had not considered the reality of available financial resources for a long time and blindly borrowed money, resulting in the comprehensive debt ratio of 274%, 285.74% and 336% from 2015 to 2017, respectively, rising year by year. The debt ratio of the clean resin on the screw in Hunan can be liquidated with a copper scraper and brush, ranking first in Hunan Province. Since 2008, the county has built 11 square parks, 26 municipal road projects, and 10 office buildings in violation of regulations. Almost half of the money has been spent on urban development and urban construction, while less than 6% has been spent on cultivating financial resources and promoting industrial development! The construction of Ailian square alone cost more than 48 million yuan

people's livelihood, which has been neglected for a long time

in sharp contrast to the government's high debt and image projects, some basic people's livelihood issues have not been paid attention to and solved in this national poverty-stricken county for a long time

Rucheng County Waterworks, originally a public welfare infrastructure, was absolutely controlled and acquired by private enterprises in 2002. People reported that since 2016, the water pipe has been in disrepair for a long time, and it is normal to burst the pipe and stop drinking water and drink "yellow mud water". The water supply was cut off for three days during the Spring Festival in 2016 and two days during the Spring Festival in 2017, and the masses complained

during the field visit, the inspection team also found that there were two natural villages in Luyang Town, Rucheng County, and some villagers' homes were not powered on! 67 people in 25 households rely only on mountain springs for power generation and kerosene lamps for lighting

problems were found one by one. In March this year, some villagers in Liming Village, Tuqiao Town, Rucheng County jointly reported to the inspection team that village cadres seek private interests in the circulation of collective land and infringe on the interests of the masses

after being handed over to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision for verification, the director of the village committee of the village was put on file for investigation due to the use of "Yin-Yang contract" for secret operations and private interests. On April 18, the county notified 126 farmers to receive money, and all the more than 40000 yuan illegally obtained by village cadres were refunded

the inspection team found that the projects implemented by the three enterprises loaned by Yongfu company engaged in poverty alleviation microfinance did not meet the requirements of poverty alleviation industry, involving poverty alleviation loans of 40.37 million yuan, accounting for 42.5% of the total investment. Among them, 19.37 million yuan was used for the trade logistics park project, which was actually a commercial real estate investment; 2million yuan was actually used for equity investment in a cement plant in Chenzhou City; 1million yuan is used for the purchase of kindergarten facilities and equipment

according to the requirements of the central government, every cent of the poverty alleviation funds should be used for poverty alleviation projects to help people in deep poverty. However, Rucheng did not pay attention to the real poverty alleviation, and did not invest funds in the "blade" of industrial poverty alleviation and solving the practical problems of the people

by the end of 2017, the deposited funds in the relocation account for poverty alleviation accounted for 68.7% of the funds that should be allocated, and the progress of fund use and allocation was slow; By the end of November 2017, only 515 households in poverty-stricken villages had been renovated, accounting for 34.59% of the annual plan

"this shows that there is a problem with the poverty alleviation orientation, which is not combined with the biggest reality of 'national poverty-stricken counties'." Tang Songcheng said that in order to complete the task of poverty alleviation as soon as possible, the county has taken the "one bag" approach of replacing the poverty alleviation contact point Wenming Township Dongshan village with an all-out package and sending money and goods

under the scorching sun, the comrades of the inspection team drove in Rucheng County and "expressed sadness" about the state of public facilities in the county. In the New District of the county, the wide roads are empty, and there are few residential areas. However, in the old area of the county, which is separated by a bridge, it takes 10 minutes for a 100 meter long road to pass by car. The residential houses on both sides of the street are old and cramped, and they are like two worlds with the new area

the "storm" of inspection brought about a "wave" of rectification.

the three-month inspection shook Rucheng's officialdom and kicked off a top-down rectification

the political ecology of Rucheng is not created in a day. To protect the "forest", we must first pull out the "rotten trees"

Tang Songcheng told that the former Secretary of Rucheng County Party committee had been dismissed by the Hunan provincial Party committee in early May because he was suspected of violating the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and was responsible for political ecology, government debt, poverty eradication and other issues

after the inspection team settled in, they heard some reflections on Duan Xubin, then the deputy head of Rucheng County. It was found that Duan Xubin, when he was the Secretary of the Party committee of the township, embezzled poverty relief funds and disaster relief funds, and repeatedly sent red envelopes, gifts and local specialties to some leaders of Rucheng County and heads of departments directly under the county. After the clues were handed over, duanxubin was placed on file for investigation and eventually dismissed

according to the introduction, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at the two levels of Chenzhou City and Rucheng County seriously investigated and dealt with 3 main party and government leaders and 17 section level cadres in Rucheng County according to the problem clues handed over by the inspection team; 34 leading cadres at the county and department levels returned the red envelope gifts received, involving more than 4.79 million yuan

"insist on leading the party's construction with political construction, strive to purify the political ecology, boost the spirit of cadres, and unite the hearts of the party and the people." On May 5, Huang Siping, the Secretary of Rucheng County Party committee, who was appointed in the face of danger, said that he fully supported and cooperated with the inspection team of the provincial Party committee to accept all the problems found in the inspection and implement the reform, so as to demonstrate the political character of loyalty to the party with the effectiveness of rectification

the new Rucheng County Party committee carefully compared with the feedback of the inspection team, formulated rectification measures one by one, and truly transformed the opinions and suggestions into specific actions to improve the work, effective countermeasures to solve problems, and practical results to promote development

-- in terms of political ecology, formulate and promulgate the opinions on promoting the construction of a clean and positive political ecology, the detailed rules for the implementation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, and the Interim Measures for conversation and correspondence, so as to unswervingly rectify the wind and discipline

-- in terms of government debt resolution, a five-year action plan for government debt risk resolution was introduced to raise funds every year for debt interest expenditure and repayment of stock debt. We optimized and reviewed all government investment projects, suspended 20 projects, suspended 9 projects, reduced 48 investment scale projects, cancelled 2 projects, and reduced the investment amount by 2.115 billion yuan

-- in terms of poverty alleviation, 17 common problems of 6 categories and 358 individual problems have been rectified, with a rectification rate of 97.2%. 4354 people who do not meet the conditions of poor households have been returned, and 394 people have been added. Focusing on industry, employment, projects and security, we will fight poverty and send more village staff to 31 villages

-- in terms of people's livelihood, the restructuring of water supply companies has been launched, and the renovation of old urban management and the reconstruction and expansion project of guizhiling water plant have been orderly promoted. Accelerate the promotion of relocation and installation, which ranks first in the same industry in the application of automotive modified plastic products, and promote the main works and supporting infrastructure projects

Rucheng County Party committee said that it would further make good use of the inspection results, unite and lead the cadres and the masses, unite their efforts, overcome difficulties, and strive to build a clean and positive political environment. (zoutaping)

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