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The national plastic optical fiber engineering laboratory was built in Chongzhou. Yesterday, the only national plastic optical fiber engineering laboratory in China was officially listed in the Provincial Industrial Park - Chongzhou industrial centralized development zone. It is reported that this is the national and local joint Engineering Laboratory of "plastic fiber preparation and application technology" founded by Sichuan Huiyuan Plastic Fiber Co., Ltd. The establishment of the laboratory marks that China's plastic optical fiber research force has officially entered the world's most high-end plastic optical fiber application field, laying a solid research and industrialization foundation for the technological upgrading of China's plastic optical fiber industry and its wide application in high-end application fields such as automobiles, aircraft, industrial equipment, sensors, consumer electronic equipment and national defense

breaking the technical gap in high-end application fields

with the rapid development of China's communication industry in recent years, plastic optical fiber has been widely used in decorative lighting, consumer electronics, transportation, industrial equipment and national defense construction, and has promoted plastic optical fiber communication system to gradually become the mainstream technology of short-distance communication. BMW has used plastic optical fiber as the communication medium of vehicle multimedia communication network and control system in its latest products

in foreign countries, the application and development of plastic optical fiber has made significant achievements, and new application research investment is constantly increasing, but at present, there are still many technical bottlenecks in the domestic development. According to Li Lemin, an academician and professor of the Chinese Academy of engineering, "After nearly 10 years of efforts, domestic plastic optical fiber R & D and production units, especially Sichuan Huiyuan plastic optical fiber manufacturing technology level and overall strength have further improved. The company has made a technological breakthrough in the industrialization of low loss plastic optical fiber products, and has caught up with the international advanced water in the repairing milling process after rough machining of complex workpieces. However, compared with the international, there is a huge gap in technical research. China has more than 100% of the world Half of the market share has been widely used in automobiles, aircraft and industrial equipment, while China's product technology in high-end applications is basically zero. It is of great significance and urgency for the whole scientific research and industrial circles in China to study plastic optical fiber communication systems and their supporting devices and products applied in various professional fields. "

catch up with the world's advanced level in twoorthree years

the establishment of the national plastic optical fiber engineering laboratory is precisely to solve these specific application technology problems. According to Chu Jiurong, the technical director of Huiyuan plastic optical fiber company, relying on the advantages of Sichuan Huiyuan Plastic Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. in its plastic optical fiber industry, combined with the knowledge of dozens of authoritative experts and scholars in the engineering laboratory, China's plastic optical fiber industry is like a pair of invisible wings, which will make new technological breakthroughs within this year and soon catch up with the world's advanced level

it is revealed that Huiyuan plastic optical fiber company will invest 30million yuan to build a National Engineering Laboratory for R & D, eliminating rubber pads and other component buildings, and building an industrialization base for the next step. On the basis of completing the formulation of two national communication industry standards of plastic optical fiber and plastic optical cable for communication, the engineering laboratory is planning to formulate national standards related to plastic optical fiber communication systems applied in various fields such as automobiles, aircraft, trains, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, etc., so as to create and standardize China's plastic optical fiber short-range communication industry

meanwhile, Sichuan Huiyuan plans to invest in automotive multimedia system technology and products based on plastic optical fiber in 2013, with an initial target production capacity of 100000 sets and an annual sales volume of 500 million yuan. The medium and long-term goal is to achieve sales of 5billion yuan

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