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Informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises: can it be as convenient as tap water?

diversified enterprise needs

looking at the level and structure of economic development in Beijing, we can see more clearly that with Beijing's current development level of the tertiary industry as high as 67.8% and the per capita GDP wealth level ranking second in the country, Beijing has sufficient consumption capacity and broad prospects for the development of the service industry. In particular, the approaching 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will inject new impetus into the development of the service industry

however, we must also note that after China became a member of the WTO, "opening up the service industry" has always been an important requirement of western developed countries for China, and it is also the focus of the Chinese government and other WTO members. Now, many foreign-funded enterprises are asking Beijing to strengthen the opening-up in the field of service industry and increase the openness of foreign investment in legal, medical, financial, information and other industries. With the gradual opening of the service industry, domestic enterprises will face more and more direct competition from foreign enterprises with capital, technology, experience and other advantages

some experts pointed out that the service industry in Beijing, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, must make corresponding adjustments and changes in order to gain a place in the fierce market competition. Informatization is one of the "hard indicators"

compared with developed countries or regions, our service industry still has a considerable gap. On the one hand, the environment for scientific and technological progress and innovation in the service industry is not perfect. The unreasonable structure of the scientific and technological system formed under the old system, the repeated establishment of institutions and the dispersion of forces still exist, and most service enterprises still lack the internal motivation to rely on scientific and technological progress; On the other hand, the development of modern service industry with high technology content is insufficient, which is difficult to match with the industrial structure dominated by high-tech industries. Moreover, the situation of small and medium-sized service enterprises in Beijing is very different from their industries, and they need to carry out appropriate informatization according to the different actual conditions of each enterprise. This requires the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and the market to form a virtuous circle of the industrial market

government led, enterprise alliance

someone once said: "small and medium-sized enterprises to do informatization is to die, do not do informatization is to die"

for most small and medium-sized enterprises, it is unrealistic to organize professional technical teams like large enterprises and spend dozens or even millions of yuan to buy a set of software. In the process of enterprises gradually entering the stage of rapid development, one-time excessive investment will bring heavy financial pressure and high investment risks. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay high salaries and training fees for the maintenance and management of these software. However, the gap between theory and experiment has always been a problem, which has virtually raised the threshold of informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is a great contradiction between the needs of enterprise informatization and the current situation

Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology has been committed to changing the backward situation of informatization in local small and medium-sized enterprises. After various inspections and strict demonstrations, in 2004, the "capital enterprise collaborative e-asp model demonstration project" project was launched. The project is based on the telecommunications platform, and adopts the policy of "government guidance, market promotion, enterprise main body, alliance promotion, industry breakthrough, regional deployment", aiming to apply in the demonstration belt, Promoting development through application and promoting informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the capital can make breakthroughs in the near future

asp is called application service provider in Chinese. The concept of ASP is very simple, that is, software is regarded as a service. We are used to paying monthly fees for services such as, water, electricity, cable TV, etc. As for software, we have always regarded it as a product, but with the emergence of Internet, software as a service has become possible

the project is operated and promoted in the form of industrial alliance, forming an ASP service alliance with 15 companies, including Meigong technology, capital information, aiwang company, Reebok technology, to provide enterprises with basic telecommunications, consulting design, software development, platform operation and other services, and assist them in completing the informatization process

Product Service Chain Based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

after several years of rapid development, the platform has formed a product service chain based on ASP deep e-ization (ERP), and the alliance has launched many industry solutions such as distribution, chain, retail, logistics, e-commerce, etc

who is the best to react with isocyanate + polyol "China is the largest cotton producer in the world. Among the more than 7 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, most of them have a low degree of informatization. They only focus on the production, sales and R & D of standard products, and are still at the level of manual management. They can't enjoy the advantages of informatization in the management and marketing of BOE, Chen Yanshun and TCL group, Li Dongsheng, also disagree about the advantages of sales. Because of ASP, they can walk gracefully through others' expenses for several years The informatization road, which has been completed only in, can quickly achieve leapfrog development, that is, directly rent software and hardware and enjoy informatization services

secondly, most distribution trading companies tend to have multi-point management, and data needs to be shared among multiple companies; The traditional system belongs to the practice of one company installing one system. If you want to get through the upstream and downstream, you need to buy multiple sets of software, and ASP mode can realize multi company management by opening multiple points through one set of software, which is also more convenient and easy to use

in addition, when domestic systems deal with multi-point management, they often set up multiple warehouses to replace multiple locations, which makes it impossible to eliminate the situation of describing one point and multiple warehouses, and it is also impossible to conveniently analyze the sales performance and financial performance of each point; It is also impossible to configure different parameters at each point to form different business processes at each point. Therefore, for enterprises with multi-point management, ASP also has certain advantages

benefits brought by ASP mode for enterprises

with the development and expansion of ASP Platform Alliance, ASP industry

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