Can I call 110 or video call on wechat

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You can call 110, or video call

many people know to call the police 110 in case of danger or emergency However, have you ever thought about using @110 video alarm? Now, Shandong Yantai police have taken the first step

10 is the 32nd national 110 Publicity Day. The new live interactive alarm platform @110 jointly created by Yantai Public Security Bureau and Tencent was officially launched to provide 24-hour uninterrupted video alarm service for citizens

this is the first time that the two-way audio and video call technology has been applied to the police field in China. Yantai people can not only call the police, but also make real-time video calls with the police

for example: if you encounter being followed, you can directly make a video call with the police through the official account, so that the police can directly face-to-face with the follower to form a shock

if you find that you have been cheated, you can send chat records and remittance vouchers to the police through the @110 live broadcast interactive alarm platform, and the police will stop payment in time to recover the cheated remittance

how to operate

the answer is simple

the PVG flame-retardant conveyor belt made of PVG can complete the one button alarm in only two steps.

it is convenient and efficient to communicate face-to-face with the police

01 real name authentication

pay attention to the official account of Yantai public security, click the menu bar at the bottom to enter the [personal center] for real name authentication

02 one click @110

in case of an emergency, enter the official account page, find @110 in the menu bar, and one click will directly connect to Yantai public security, and make a video call with the police

special note: at present, the service temporarily supports users with real name authentication, and the next step will be to open it immediately for all the people

it is understood that in the traditional alarm, only the alarm recording emphasizes the comprehensive engineering ability as evidence. After arriving at the scene, the police need to ask the alarm person to understand the relevant alarm situation in kilogram force/mm2 (n/mm2). This new alarm method can directly retain the on-site police information by video, which facilitates the police information disposal and follow-up investigation

in addition, the launch of the @110 alarm mode can effectively deal with and prevent false alarm and other behaviors, and also enable the public to conduct more effective supervision over police officers, so as to improve work efficiency and level

Yantai Public Security Bureau will also launch a new model of @119 fire alarm and a new model of @122 rapid handling and alarm of minor traffic safety accidents at the same time. The following information will help the people handle affairs more easily and live a more comfortable life

however, this method is not for everyone to use casually! Please remember, no matter what kind of alarm method you take, don't try to call a fake alarm, and leave the police force to the people who really need it

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