La fabada - It’s time to cook Spain’s famous beans

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La fabada - It’s time to cook Spain’s famous beans dish - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Asturias, an autonomous region and former principality in north western Spain, has made three superb contributions to the country’s regional cooking for which every gourmet is grateful: cabrales, cider and fabada.

Cabrales is the distinctive blue cheese that is in the same league as stiltonThe plan is to inoculate 6,000 people., roquefort and gorgonzola. Cider is one of the world’s great fermented drinks and is an Asturian speciality.
Fabada is a dish of beansGraphic showing daily deaths per million in Canada an, pork, ham and other charcuterie and is a kissing cousin of the French cassoulet. It is Spain’s most famous beans dish and it topped the list of the ‘Magnificent 13’ — the most highly rated dishes in Spanish regional cookingThe murky world of car theft after his Toyota Highlander was stolen in September..

A group of the country’s most illustrious food writers in 1972 drew up a list of the ‘10 most important dishes in Spanish cuisine’.

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