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Personalized anti-counterfeiting of commodity packaging

each commodity has its own ID card, through which consumers can check the authenticity of commodities. But counterfeit goods can also be imitated to produce fake ID cards. For example, a bottle of shampoo, fake and shoddy shampoo can make all aspects difficult to distinguish, and even the anti-counterfeiting logo can confuse the fake with the real. It can be said that in terms of product quality, fake and shoddy shampoos are defeated repeatedly, but in terms of profits, they can win repeatedly. This is also the reason why fake and shoddy products can withstand the wind of cracking down on counterfeits. The annual age is 3.15, but the manufacturers and consumers who are cheated every year are different. How to put an end to fake and shoddy goods, we have to make an article from the ID card of the goods, so that counterfeiters can't imitate

the anti-counterfeiting label is equivalent to the ID card of the commodity. The reason why fake and shoddy products can circulate in the market lies in the asymmetry of information on this anti-counterfeiting ID card. Counterfeiters have exploited the loophole of information asymmetry and sold a large number of counterfeits, causing huge losses to the government, enterprises and consumers. So how to solve this problem, which requires us to make information symmetrical

at present, the anti-counterfeiting technology in the world is mainly divided into two categories, one is the traditional anti-counterfeiting technology (also known as high barrier anti-counterfeiting technology), and the other is the information network anti-counterfeiting technology (also known as query anti-counterfeiting technology). The former is characterized by the use of new materials and technologies that others cannot have temporarily, which is distinguishable and improves the difficulty of counterfeiting. However, this anti-counterfeiting technology can not be symmetrical. Its biggest defect is that the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of the same kind of products are the same. This common anti-counterfeiting, no matter how high the technology is, once the counterfeiter master the technology or equipment, he can make large-scale counterfeiting, that is, the anti-counterfeiting technology itself is easy to be counterfeited. For example, the hot stamping logo on the cigarette box belongs to a thousand people and is very easy to be imitated

common anti-counterfeiting will only be a dead end. Only personalized anti-counterfeiting can win the market. The characteristic of the latter is to give personalized information to each single product, so as to realize economical commercial production after all. Ordinary consumers can easily identify the authenticity of products through computers, which is verifiable, that is, information symmetry. But it also has an obvious disadvantage, that is, it reduces the difficulty of counterfeiting

in other words, if any of the above anti-counterfeiting technologies are adopted to make ID cards for commodities, they may be counterfeited, which is just a matter of the difficulty of counterfeiting. "If we integrate the advantages of the two anti-counterfeiting technologies and verify and compare two or more interconnected contrast objects through computers and other networking tools to determine whether the contrast objects are consistent, it will be difficult to imitate. There is no oil source, because the imitation cost even exceeds the manufacturing cost." Said Lin Jianping, director of the Investment Promotion Department of Guangdong zhengdiluo Technology Co., Ltd. At present, domestic anti-counterfeiting manufacturers generally adopt this comprehensive complex symmetric anti-counterfeiting technology

Lin Jianping demonstrated the process of checking the anti-counterfeiting labels of commodities. First of all, we can see that there are personalized black fibers randomly distributed on the label, which have a convex and concave feeling when seeing and touching; Then uncover the surface layer and leave the anti-counterfeiting words of the silver product name. At this time, the logo is damaged to ensure that the logo can only be used once. This diameter of. 05 ~ -0.20mm is the inherent common feature of each logo; Then, the real information symmetry starts. Random serial numbers, random characters and randomly distributed black fibers form a random image without repetition, which can be queried and checked through the computer, which needs the support of a huge background system; The unique logistics management bar code can carry out accurate anti fleeing goods and other channel logistics inquiries; Encrypted micro characters are printed in specific areas, which can be recognized by magnifying glass; Self configured spot color encryption ink shall be inspected with specific inspection equipment. Only by passing these tests can we prove that this is a real product ID card

although this anti-counterfeiting technology is very advanced, counterfeiters can hardly imitate it. However, people in the anti-counterfeiting industry have been considering ways to solve counterfeit products from the source. At present, the fake economy is on the rise and there is no sign of recession in the short term. And with the existing anti-counterfeiting technology, it is difficult to really and completely fight against counterfeit technology. To really solve the problem of counterfeiting and fleeing goods, we can only make great changes in the packaging and anti-counterfeiting industries to curb the counterfeiting economy from the source

"in fact, the anti-counterfeiting industry has put 'anti-counterfeiting packaging integration' on the agenda for a long time, but it has not been implemented due to the immature technology and market development." Said Xiang Lin, chairman of Beijing zhongtianji anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd

at present, packaging and anti-counterfeiting are still separated. After the product packaging is completed, anti-counterfeiting labeling shall be carried out. Now labeling is mostly manual work, tear off the label and stick it on the outer package; A few use labeling machines for disk labeling. The integration does not need additional labeling. The anti-counterfeiting label is printed at the same time of production and packaging, which saves manpower and time. The integrated price cost is not much higher than the single labeling anti-counterfeiting commonly used now. The combination of packaging and anti-counterfeiting is cheaper than the separation of two separate processes

Lin Jianping also said that "anti-counterfeiting packaging integration" is the general direction of the whole anti-counterfeiting industry. He introduced that Guangdong zhengdi science and technology park will be completed by the end of the year, and the integrated logo will be launched at that time, which will be a great revolution in the packaging and anti-counterfeiting industry

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