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At present, the two major exhibitions of the door and window industry are about to open in Shanghai and Beijing. For many door and window brand enterprises, the exhibition is undoubtedly a good way for enterprises to promote and attract investment, but why do many enterprises spend a huge amount of money to participate in the exhibition, but do not achieve the desired results? In fact, it is nothing more than the following points

first, the strength can't keep up with the publicity

many enterprises are mobilized before the exhibition, with great fanfare, night fighting before the exhibition, continuous operations, surprise proofing and exhibition arrangement; Welcome in and out during the exhibition, warmly entertain dealers or potential customers, hold product conferences, marketing conferences, bomb lobbying, persuade customers to place orders, open franchise stores, etc; After the exhibition, the temperature dropped significantly, and problems came one after another. Once the dealers joined, the follow-up service and product supply were far from the previous promises, and the relationship with the dealers fell sharply... These "post exhibition syndromes" were very common, resulting in the decline of corporate reputation, the loss of dealers, unequal investment and return, and the effect of the exhibition was greatly reduced. It can be seen that enterprises do not make full preparations in pre exhibition preparation, in exhibition service and post exhibition tracking, and do not make full preparations in production, technical system construction and production capacity. Even if the exhibition is a sensation, it is difficult to realize the value of exhibition

second, the publicity knowledge is less than

at the exhibition, it is found that some marketing managers and marketers are not very clear about the purpose of the enterprise's participation, and can't say the clear purpose of the enterprise's participation and the goal they want to achieve; They don't know the new products to be exhibited very well, and can't accurately convey the basic information such as the model, characteristics, positioning and price of new products, which can't play a positive role in the promotion of new products; The information between different departments is not equal, and they cannot respond and deal with the systematization, coordination and uncertainty of the exhibition work quickly, such as marketing people who do not understand the product design intention; Designers don't know some rules and requirements of marketing; The receptionist didn't know the division of labor, and didn't know who to call when encountering problems, which led to chaos in the exhibition like a battlefield. As a judge, I often encounter the situation that when I go to the enterprise exhibition hall to check the participating exhibits, and ask where the exhibits are placed, which pieces are, and what characteristics they have, the exhibition staff of many enterprises can't say clearly, or even don't know about it at all, or help to ask for a long time, but I can't find out why, resulting in the loss of the enterprise's qualification to award; Some business personnel lack the spirit of ownership, only care about their own region or business, and can't serve customers in an all-round way, causing losses to the company...

the above situation shows that there are many work blind spots in the daily work of enterprises. Before the exhibition, there is neither a corresponding early warning system nor corresponding training on how to deal with these problems





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