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When we apply for credit cards, loans or installments, we may be rejected for one reason or another. In this case, we need to find out the problem before we can successfully pass the application. Today, Xiaobian presents you with a summary of the reasons why CCB's credit card decoration loan application was rejected for your reference

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2018 CCB credit card decoration loan can be paid in this way

these are the conditions that CCB credit card decoration loan should meet

one of the reasons why the application was rejected: it is not the cardholder of CCB long card

there is a necessary condition for the applicant to apply for decoration loan with CCB credit card, that is, the applicant is the cardholder of CCB long card. Cardholders of supplementary cards will not be approved, and those without long cards of China Construction Bank will be directly rejected

the second reason for the rejection of the application: the applicant is overdue many times

if the applicant's credit card is overdue too many times, or there is a bad credit record on the credit investigation, the bank will refuse to give any more loans or large amount of installments. After all, there was dishonesty before, and the bank will not take this risk

the third reason why the application is rejected: the application materials are incomplete

usually after the applicant submits the materials, the bank will review it. If the materials are complete, it is easier to pass the review. If the information is incomplete, the bank will directly refuse to approve, and the previous information will not be returned, so it is important to prepare all the information. The information to be prepared is as follows:

1. Identity documents of myself and the house owner

2. House property certificate of the house to be decorated

3. Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the house owner

4. Proof of work and income financial resources

5. Fill in the application form for installment business of long card credit card decoration

it's always right to be fully prepared before doing anything. I hope the content compiled by Xiaobian has a certain reference value for you. In the new financial column of Xicai finance, click [quick entry] to quickly and safely handle all kinds of credit cards




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