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In recent years, due to the sluggish economic environment and the introduction of relevant national policies, the development of door and window franchise has slowed down. This kind of slowness was forced at the beginning. After a period of time, I found that as long as I adjust my pace, I can make a living very well. After making a living, I have to consider: in this Internet age, how can I change the routine and break myself? In this way, the door and window franchise companies have different actions and actions. No matter how the strategy changes, there is evidence to follow. In 2016, what will happen to the development of the door and window franchise career? Come and understand with Xiaobian

first, let specialization defeat homogenization

now the joining profession of aluminum alloy doors and windows is in the red sea of competition, with brands like forest and severe homogenization, which makes consumers at a loss. Under the influence of homogenization, companies in the future will develop in the direction of small and beautiful, that is, to refine first and then expand. Perhaps the current aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls are still in a chaotic period, but many companies will gradually realize the importance of brand specialization and seek differentiation in strength on the road of homogenization and "encirclement"

second, strive to be a "Star" of goods

under the competition format of aluminum alloy doors and windows brands, a small number of companies with advanced understanding have begun to focus on brand construction, create their own brand characteristics, and improve brand awareness. With the continuous advancement of the Internet, aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies that break the traditional promotion idea and pay attention to network promotion will also spread across the profession like mountains and fields

these aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies will rely on the Internet, new media and other new methods to build brands, cover up the company's positive information on well-known platforms, and use the power of prestige media to promote brands, so as to improve the audience's cognitive power

III. highlight the environmental protection function of commodities

now, although environmental protection, energy conservation, feature customization and other aspects are highly valued by the profession, few companies practice doing so, and most companies just take this to publicize it. The strictest environmental protection law has been implemented, and environmental protection and energy conservation will be the general trend in the future. In addition, 80 and 90 will gradually occupy the dominant position in society, and the need for characterization will increase, so characteristic plus customized goods will also be a development trend

in addition, in the next few years, Southeast Asian countries will mainly accept the handling of China's low-end aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing industry because of the prohibition of commercial wood cutting. However, restricted by many factors, such as backward infrastructure, shortage of technical personnel, insufficient energy supply and lack of industrial supporting equipment, Southeast Asia and other countries are difficult to achieve the prosperity of domestic industry. Because the company's main planning and promotion methods for aluminum alloy doors and windows will be changed, and it will form an industrial complementary situation with Southeast Asian countries. In the future, it is expected to form a transnational aluminum alloy doors and windows industrial new area in relevant regions

IV. strengthen the value-added services of the company

from the high competition of the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the shopping malls of the aluminum alloy door and window service industry need to be multiplied. In this case, promotion companies, logistics companies and home decoration companies can all add more support to the aluminum alloy door and window industry. Perhaps the aluminum alloy door and window giants can also bring it into their own business scope and assimilate it into the company's value-added services. This may be a major trend in the future

through a period of observation, Xiaobian found that price war and vicious competition are the biggest invisible killers of the door and window joining profession at present. If the operation time is too long, it will bring unexpected losses to him. We all want to "live", so what we should do in this situation is to grasp the career development trend, fully understand the needs of consumers, seek development strategies that fit our current situation, constantly adjust, innovate, and prevent it from happening, so as to carry out a healthier and lasting life plan

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