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-- Super leadership course of Ombo School of management

on the afternoon of January 31, Roland window and Ombo School of management organized the super leadership course of Ombo business management. Xiong Linchong, chairman of Roland window, senior management and representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, finance, marketing, technology, PMC and production attended the course, listening to the "way of University" taught by Xu Jun, an Ombo business management expert

Mr. Xu Jun pointed out that things in enterprises are very important, but people's problems are more important. Different people will have different effects if they do the same thing, and the answer to people's problems and team problems is in University

▲ students who take notes carefully

in this super leadership course, teacher Xu Jun, the lecturer of the course, always takes the "heart" as the foundation and focuses on the "heart" in the interpretation and discrimination of the object, knowledge, sincerity and integrity. He emphasizes that the first step to be an adult is to wake up his own benevolence and knowledge of one body, and wake up his conscience and conscience, and the process of being one with others is the process of constantly expanding his mind and pattern. Only by overcoming selfishness can conscience arise. With conscience, cause and effect are obvious in our hearts, and we can quickly find a solution to the problem

in the unpredictable market environment, enterprises can only be invincible by constantly learning to "arm" themselves. This "super leadership" course provides a platform for students of Roland style school of management to learn from each other and make common progress. Through mutual discussion and brainstorming, we can achieve the goal of improving our self realm

in the face of the ever-changing market trend, the new generation of doors and windows has put forward higher requirements for Roland style. Roland style doors and windows will continue to enrich themselves, meet challenges and seize opportunities

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