Beware of eight ominous Feng Shui in bathroom deco

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When modern people decorate, they have paid more and more attention to the decoration and layout of the bathroom functional area. The bathroom has also moved from the early dark and humid to spacious and bright. People's demand for bathroom has also begun to change to leisure and comfort. But while dressing up in the bathroom, we must not ignore the existence of Feng Shui taboos. As the most private place in the home, the bathroom belongs to an eye position in Feng Shui, and its position is extremely important. If the Feng Shui in the bathroom goes wrong, it may bring unpredictable harm to the family

first, closed bathrooms that affect health

some residential bathrooms are completely closed, with no windows, only exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans are not often opened. According to the view of genealogy, there must be windows in the bathroom. It is best to have sufficient sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple, so that the turbid gas in the bathroom can be easily discharged and the air can be kept fresh. If it is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment, it is definitely detrimental to the health of the family. Using some air fresheners will only change the taste of the air and will not improve the quality of the air

second, bathrooms that are easy to cause endocrine system diseases

some friends like to build a basin platform in the bathroom when decorating the bathroom. The basin platform is oneortwo steps higher than the ground, and then embed the bathtub in the basin platform. To be honest, this pattern is very beautiful, but it's best not to use this pattern in the bathroom set in the bedroom

because according to the principle of traditional Chinese Physiognomy, the floor of the bathroom cannot be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub cannot have a feeling of being high above. The five element theory believes that water flows downward and belongs to the Runxia grid. Living in the bedroom moistened by water for a long time, it is prone to endocrine system diseases. If you like this built-in bathtub very much, you can place it in another bathroom far away from the bedroom

third, the toilet with sores

according to the principle of traditional Chinese genealogy, the direction of the toilet cannot be consistent with the direction of the condominium. For example, the direction of the door of the condominium faces south, so when people sit on the toilet, if their face is also facing south, they have violated the taboo of the same direction of the toilet and the condominium. It is said that it is easy to cause acne in the family. Of course, I didn't carefully investigate the situation of acne in the actual survey, but it's still free if it can be avoided

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