Feng Shui taboos in new house decoration

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Summer has never been considered a good season for home decoration due to two extreme weather phenomena: too dry or too wet air. Many people think that spring and autumn are the golden seasons for decoration. In fact, as long as you deal with the problems that should be paid attention to and do every work according to the normal construction process, you can also make a project that satisfies you. Life home series integrates all kinds of summer home decoration information for you, so that you can easily install a comfortable love nest. Between personality and tradition, the style of the new house breaks the time tunnel and shuttles through modern cities. For home, the new house is the beginning of the real meaning of home... And one of the most practical problems faced by young people who are about to enter the palace of happiness is how to choose the furniture of the new house and create their own comfortable love nest. Furniture: do not have different styles

whether living alone or with your parents, the furniture in your cabin should have a unified artistic style and overall charm. It is best to buy furniture in sets or try to choose ones with more consistent colors and styles, and strive to form a unified style. Such as the straightness, transverse inclination, thickness and length of lines; The ups and downs of the form, the width of the square and the width of the circle, the dryness and brightness of the color, and the coldness of the light and shade should all have a unified charm. If you already have furniture and only need to purchase a small part of it, you should also follow the principle of harmony with each other, or you can restructure the original furniture, readjust and color it, and unify it with the furniture you want to buy; Or when buying new furniture, try to match the original furniture. This follows the principle of formal beauty of "diversity in unity"

color: not too strong

if the wedding room wants to highlight the festive atmosphere in the overall layout, beautiful and comfortable color design can be said to be a labor-saving method. Red is the main color of traditional Chinese wedding, and it is more and more popular with young people. The layout of the newly married room should not only highlight the festive atmosphere, but also make long-term consideration. It is safer to choose some intermediate colors appropriately, which is not easy to cause visual fatigue. If the new house is covered with red carpet or red lampshade, the newlywed atmosphere in the room will spread and people will maintain the good mood of newlyweds. Walls and floors are the largest area in the room. Their colors should be similar to those of furniture, and the ground color should be slightly darker than the wall

decoration: you don't have to do it in one step

the decoration of the newly married home should have long-term consideration. Don't patronize the temporary comfort, and put everything in one step. The big sofa in the living room faces a big background wall or TV cabinet; There are wardrobes and big beds in the bedroom, and the eyes are full of movable and immovable furniture. For a long time, we can't make changes and adjustments, leaving many troubles and regrets. Because when the world of two becomes a family of three, the home design concept and fashion trend will also change, and finishing the decoration at one time will cause a lot of waste. Therefore, the decoration of new houses must be "left blank", leaving enough space to adapt to future changes

four taboos for new house decoration

● avoid making furniture too large and too much, which will greatly reduce the movable space, which will produce a sense of depression

● avoid the bed facing the door or window. This is neither elegant nor conducive to health, because air convection will directly blow to the human body, easy to catch cold

● do not use blue, black and other cold colors in the room. This is not only inconsistent with the festive atmosphere, but also of little significance

● do not display all wedding gifts, so that too many and too messy are easy to be broken, affecting the significance of the wedding. I prefer to decorate oneortwo pieces selectively as decorations, and change the decorations every day, which is exquisite, orderly and fresh





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