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How to make full use of the small space to increase the overall storage function of the room, reduce the sense of clutter, and give full play to the flexible advantages of small houses? The excellent wall storage method can make full use of every corner of the small house type, which can not only save a lot of ground space, but also bring visual beauty

1. The most worry free display and storage

the living room is usually the public area of the home, with multiple identities such as hospitality and leisure. In order to create a clean and bright atmosphere, choose the sofa background wall with display, which also adds an internal effect to the space, and make full use of the wall space, making it the visual focus of the overall space. Open shelving is adopted to make the storage of items a kind of display and decoration

2. The most economical storage accessories

nowadays, with the rise of various raw materials, the price of some fashionable wall storage accessories is also rising quietly. It is better to use the old shutter board removed from the start as the background of the wall to store the photos, postcards and other collections during the journey, which are inserted into the cracks of the leaves at will, so the discarded items become fashionable and fashionable in an instant

3. Multifunctional furniture with the most space saving

the TV cabinet with storage function is a common storage furniture in the small family living room, which can make full use of the space on the wall and place the sundries neatly. The multi-functional combination cabinet with audio-visual storage solves the design problem of the TV background wall in one step, which expands the floor space of the living room infinitely, and the black linear texture makes the living room full of extraordinary bearing

4. Choose a high-quality and practical tea table

use Alec and other transparent materials with cool hands and high reflectance to decorate the living room, making the home refreshing. Its cool body feeling, light posture, fashionable shape, and changeable colors jump out, blowing a transparent fashion. The cold life proposal brings not only a zero pressure life, but also a healthy and fresh romantic atmosphere





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