Will paper reading become a luxury in the future

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Will paper reading become a luxury in the future

the development of electronic information technology has brought about changes in reading methods, and more and more people begin to choose electronic reading. With the increasing popularity of E-reading, many book sellers have seen the business opportunities and rushed to the e-book market. On December 21 last year, a large-scale station in China that started with selling paper books officially started selling digital periodicals. The station also plans to launch its own e-reader this year. A number of large domestic bookstores followed suit, competing to plan to enter the e-book market, and the e-book market is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses have a keen sense of smell. However, the launch of digital journal business and the sale of e-books by large domestic paper book sellers will undoubtedly bring a huge impact on the paper book market. So, will paper books be replaced by e-books in the future? Will paper reading become a luxury

● according to the data of a professional investigation and analysis institution, the sales volume of e-readers in China exceeded one million in 2010, and the total shipment volume of domestic e-readers market in the first quarter of 2011 reached 282500; In the second quarter, the sales volume was 279000 sets; In the third quarter, the sales volume was about 295000 units, and the total sales volume in 2011 was nearly 1.2 million units

● compared with paper books, e-books have the characteristics of low carbon and environmental protection. For an e-reader with a capacity of 4G, it can hold about 3000 e-books. To produce these 3000 paper books, we not only need to cut down more than 30 trees 20 to 40 years old, but also need about 150 tons of water, 900 kilowatt hours of electricity, 1.8 tons of coal and 450 kilograms of chemical raw materials

phenomenon e-reading is heating up

nowadays, in public places such as the subway, bus and airport, people will find such a phenomenon: more and more people concentrate on staring at the MP5 or e-reader, making use of their spare time to read

e-reading makes reading more convenient. People can read e-books to pass the time in any free time

Zhao Liang, who lives in Huanggu District, Shenyang, is a member of the E-reading group. Zhao Liang told me that my work unit is in Hunnan, which is far away from home. It takes more than two hours to go back and forth by bus. It is very boring and a waste of time. I always want to make full use of this time. Reading e-books is a good choice and very convenient

with the development of electronic information technology, electronic reading has become a common phenomenon. Zhang Xian, associate professor of China Youth University of political science, said that e-books are suitable for the current fast-paced social environment and are more convenient and practical for busy people

with the rapid development of economy and society, people's pace of life is accelerating. Many people are occupied by work most of the time every day. When they return home from work, they either watch TV or do housework, or go to work. There are too many things to do, and they don't have much time to read. Reading has become an occasional thing. However, since the e-book, this way of reading anytime and anywhere, makes full use of the fragmented time in people's daily life. Therefore, e-reading is favored by more and more people

will E-books Replace Paper books

not only the domestic e-book market is developing rapidly, but also the e-book market is developing more vigorously abroad

introduction to insiders: in the past two years, Amazon, the largest online bookstore in the United States, has sold more e-books than paper books. In February last year, the sales of e-books in the United States reached US $90million, a year-on-year increase of 202%, which has exceeded the sales of paper books by US $81.2 million

the rapid development of e-books in the world has led some people to question: will e-books completely replace paper books in the future

in this regard, Zhang Xian, associate professor of China Youth University of political science, said: e-reading is popularized rapidly today, but from the current development point of view, we can not arbitrarily say whether e-books will or will not replace paper books, because e-books and paper books have only changed in proportion, and e-books and paper books have their own advantages and disadvantages


in a broad sense, e-books include both e-reading devices and e-book content. E-readers are only one book in size, or even smaller than one book. They are easy to carry, but their capacity is not small. Some e-readers can hold several thousand e-books with impact resistance, and can read the text stored in e-readers; However, its wireless function is not much different from the expanded polystyrene board, and it can help people download and read newspapers and books anytime and anywhere

in addition, the price of e-books is lower than that of paper books. You can buy an e-book for a few yuan, and e-books are more low-carbon and environmentally friendly

according to the data, more than 20 trees aged 20 to 40 years are used to produce a ton of writing and printing paper, which requires 100 tons of purified water, 600 kilowatt hours of electricity, 1.2 tons of coal and 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials, and 300 tons of high concentration sewage

for an e-reader with a capacity of 4G, it can generally hold 3000 e-books, while for the same version of paper books, if the average weight of each book is 500 grams, 3000 books need 1.5 tons of paper. If so much paper is produced, more than 30 trees aged 20 to 40 years will be cut down, which will cost 150 tons of water, 900 kilowatt hours of electricity, 1.8 tons of coal and 450 kilograms of chemical raw materials. That is, reading these 3000 books with a 4G e-book can not only cut down dozens of trees, but also reduce the consumption of water, electricity and coal

with the increasing importance of forest resources, the emergence of e-books is undoubtedly a good solution to the contradiction between resource protection and paper book production

saving money, low carbon, environmental protection, convenience and many other advantages are the important reasons why e-books are accepted by people and become more and more popular

paper book

although e-books have the advantages of saving money, convenience and environmental protection, e-reading is more suitable for shallow reading and browsing in terms of content. It is still an information stimulus for the public. It is difficult to have more in-depth experience, aftertaste, reflection and deep participation. It is obviously not as advantageous as paper books in terms of deep reading. Zhang Xian said that paper books can fold corners, draw key points, write eyebrows, and have a light ink fragrance and thick texture. These characteristics have created a unique reading experience for paper books, which can not be replaced by cold electronic products. In addition, paper books are free from startup, never crash, and never need to change batteries. Therefore, paper books still occupy an important position in people's minds

the results of the eighth national reading survey released by the China Publishing Research Institute on April 21, 2011 show that 63.8% of the people aged 18 to 70 in China tend to read traditional paper books. 16.4% of e-book readers will buy the paper version of the book after reading the e-book

even after the popularity of E-reading, paper books will not disappear completely. E-books and paper books meet the reading needs of different people. From this perspective, e-books and paper books can complement each other. At this stage, the two will coexist, and e-books and paper books will coexist for a long time. Some experts have concluded that

in terms of readers, e-books represent fashion and trend, and are more likely to be sought after by people who like to pursue new things, especially the younger generation. However, the paper book readers are older. These people do not have much interest in electronic products and prefer to read paper books. There is no great conflict between the two

e-book sales are booming in the market

with the continuous warming of E-reading, the e-book market is also booming. From the sales of E-Reader hardware devices to the content resources of e-books, they have shown a strong momentum of development

in Sanhao Street, the most prosperous e-commerce street in Shenyang, a dealer specialized in selling e-readers told us that last year, when e-readers were sold at their best, we could sell twoorthree sets per month at one sales point

according to the data of a professional investigation and analysis institution, the sales volume of e-readers in China exceeded one million in 2010, and the total shipment volume of domestic e-readers market in the first quarter of 2011 reached 282500; In the second quarter, the sales volume was 279000 sets; In the third quarter, the sales volume was about 295000 units, and the total annual sales volume is estimated to be close to 1.2 million units

while the sales of professional e-readers continue to make breakthroughs, e-book content resources are becoming increasingly abundant, and the e-book market is becoming increasingly active

however, just two years ago, the domestic e-book content market was still a desolate scene, with few businesses and relatively single content, mainly focusing on original literary works, and content resources are very limited

on December 21, 2011, a large station in China, which accounted for 20% of the national paper book sales, was not satisfied with the current situation of large paper book sales and began to officially enter the e-book market. The first batch of online e-books of the station reached 50000, and 90% of the e-books were sold for no more than 10 yuan, equivalent to about 30% of the paper books, and the prices of some best sellers were only equivalent to 10% of the paper books

after this large paper book seller joined the e-book market, several large book stores in China launched e-book publishing plans one after another

the relevant person in charge of one of the large book stores said: we expect that more than 80000 e-books will be launched in the first phase, and more than 200 cooperative suppliers

where will paper books go in depth?

although paper books and e-books will coexist in a short time, this is a digital era. No matter how e-books and paper books exist, digital reading can not be reversed

with the rapid development of digital publishing industry based on computer and Internet technology, and the continuous maturity and improvement of reading tools, reading content and other technologies and products, a revolution that will eventually lead to great changes in people's reading methods has quietly arrived

as far as reading tools are concerned, previously, readers always thought that e-readers did not feel like books. However, with the progress of electronic information technology, this is no longer a reason to hinder people from trying e-book reading

in 2008, with the invention and promotion of the paper-like display screen on the reader, this technology overcame the shortcomings of the previous e-readers and was as close to the traditional paper as possible in terms of readability, energy saving and visual effect. The e-reader named after the e-paper book began to be rapidly promoted. Especially with the improvement of e-paper technology, e-reading is likely to replace paper reading. In addition, e-paper books reduce the distribution, transportation and other links, saving a lot of costs. The emergence of e-paper books has accelerated the process of digital publishing and has a great tendency to replace paper books

then, where will the technical characteristics of the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by zhisida hi tech go

extending to rural and underdeveloped areas is an important means to promote the reading of paper books. In july2007, the General Administration of publication issued the notice on the planning and preparation of the rural Bookstore project, which said that in China, where the rural population accounts for more than 56% of the total population, it will take about 10 years to realize the ownership of rural bookstore in every village, and each rural Bookstore generally has more than 1500 kinds of books available for borrowing

it is learned from relevant departments that there are more than 10000 banks in 14 cities in our province

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