Wildfires rage in the west of the United States, f

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Wildfires raged in the western United States: famous parks were closed, State Councillors' homes were burned down

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in recent days, wildfires continued to spread in the western United States. In California, Yosemite National Park was forced to close due to the continuous spread of wildfires and the serious impact of smoke on air quality; In Oregon, the home of a state lawmaker who had resisted proposals to combat climate change was burned down by wildfire. According to the analysis, according to the experience of previous years, the real "mountain fire season" in the United States has not yet come, and the western region will face a severe test in the coming months

sudden drop in air quality

Yosemite National Park in California will be closed

on September 17, relevant California departments announced that Yosemite National Park will be closed. The announcement said: "all park entrance stations and roads will be closed from 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 17, 2020." As the air quality in the next few days is expected to be in an unhealthy to dangerous range, the park closure is expected to last at least the whole weekend

the draft points out that park officials will continue to assess the impact of smoke, air quality index (AQI) and nearby fire activities, and the park will reopen when the safety of tourists and employees can be guaranteed

it is reported that the draft shows that the decision to close is "consistent" with the neighboring national parks, but in fact Yosemite closed later than other parks. Employees who had worked in dangerous conditions for several days said they hoped officials would make this decision earlier because the air quality index in the park often exceeded 500

"we are in pain in the smoke," said Liana sailor, an employee of the Avani hotel. Seler and her colleagues live in Yosemite Valley. Saler said that they were able to leave the park on the 15th because of "good luck"

On the 16th, Reuters' analysis of California's air quality data showed that although the smoke in some areas has begun to decrease, the air quality in other locations with different resolutions was at a moderate to harmful level on the 13th and 14th, except about 20 of the more than 120 locations monitored by environmental officials, making desert irrigation as convenient and effective as ordinary farmland irrigation

an Oregon state senator's house was burned down

boycotted the proposal to fight climate change

2019, the Republican Senator Fred Girod of Oregon, in order to boycott the proposal to fight climate change, walked out of the trial by various means. A year later, there were four wildfires in Oregon. The 69 year old Gillard's home near the santyam river was burned by the "beach Creek wildfire", leaving only two stone pillars and chimneys standing between the ruins

according to the US world, when Gillard returned home on the 13th, he saw that the balcony for bird watching was distorted by the fire. He said, "it hurts to see it." He said that his family had three cats. Now their whereabouts are unknown. I'm afraid it's more or less bad. This is the saddest loss of him and his wife Daphne Gillard in the wildfire

at the end of June 2019, 11 Republican senators, including Gillard, resorted to strike measures in order to boycott a bill to combat climate change, including not attending Parliament and traveling to other states. The proposal aims to significantly reduce Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

however, Gillard said in an exclusive interview on the 14th that the house was not destroyed by climate change, but by environmentalism. He said: "climate change is not a problem. Environmentalists make the logging area covered with flammable grass, which will lead to the burning of my home."

recently, the record setting mountain fire disaster triggered discussions from all walks of life in the United States. US media believe that climate change is the main reason for the shortage of talents in state-owned enterprises with frequent mountain fires, and the US government's poor management of forests is also a major reason for frequent mountain fires. According to the analysis, a new wave of excess capacity is generated. It is believed that October and November in previous years are the real "mountain fire season" in the United States. In the coming months, the western region will still face a severe test, and the losses caused by mountain fires may continue to expand

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