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Will the equipment of bullet train rear end collision be affected?

the bullet train rear end accident on July 23, according to Xinhua news agency, was that the D301 train from Beijing to Fuzhou hit the rear end of the d3115 train from Hangzhou to Fuzhou when it was traveling to Shuangyu section of Wenzhou City, causing four carriages of the D301 train to fall off the viaduct

in addition, according to CCTV, lightning struck the bullet train d3115, which also caused the signal failure of d3115, making it impossible for D301 to find that d3115 was in a stopped state in time. Then a rear end collision accident occurred

in this rear end collision accident, the signal system was suspected. The automatic train control system in the signal system can be called "the central nerve of high-speed rail operation". In this accident, CTCS-2 automatic train control system was adopted for both D301 and d3115 trains

of course, it is still uncertain whether the automatic train control system in the signal system is the cause of the accident. However, if this is the case, Hollysys automation listed in the United States may be affected

according to previous reports in 21st Century Business Herald, the train control systems CTCS-2 and CTCS-3 jointly manufactured by Hollysys and Hitachi are used by all high-speed railways in China

according to the introduction of Hollysys automation officer, Hollysys' high-speed railway train control system products include train control on-board system and train control ground system:

among them, train control on-board system products include ctcsh type, CTCSS type and ctcsh type train control on-board system. The product introduction is as follows:

ctcsh type train control on-board system is a multiple experimental group of Hollysys energy group. According to the requirements of China's CTCs technical standards, through technology introduction and re innovation, Successfully localized train control on-board system. At present, more than 400 sets of train control on-board systems (ATP) have been successfully used in 9 railway bureaus (groups) including Beijing Bureau, Shanghai Bureau, Guangzhou Railway Group, Chengdu Bureau, Zhengzhou Bureau, Wuhan Bureau, Nanchang Bureau, Jinan Bureau and Xi'an Bureau, providing a strong guarantee for the safe and punctual operation of EMUs (of the two EMUs in the accident, d3115 is under the jurisdiction of Nanchang Bureau and D301 is under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Bureau)

ctcss and ctcsh train control on-board systems are CTCS-3 Train Control on-board systems that have been localized by Hollysys group and are being deeply digested and absorbed, and can meet the operation requirements of 300~350 km/h. Among them, CTCSS train control on-board system has been applied to Zhengzhou-Xi'an line, Wuhan Guangzhou line, Shanghai Nanjing line, Shanghai Hangzhou line and other lines, fully realizing interconnection across different ground technology platforms, and effectively ensuring flexible dispatching, cross line operation and long-distance traffic operation of EMUs. Ctcsh train control on-board system is planned to be put into operation on Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong line in April, 2011. The train control ground system includes: lkd2-h ground train control center (TCC), lkdf-h temporary speed limit server (TSRs), train control ground electronic unit (Leu), leuw-h outdoor Leu system, zpw-2000s track circuit, signal safety data equipment, lkdr-s, lkdr-h wireless block center (RBC). The specific products are as follows:

1 Lkd2-h ground train control center (TCC)

ground train control center (TCC) has the functions of track circuit coding, inter station safety information transmission, section blocking and direction control, direction switching control of station and section track circuits, section annunciator lighting control, logical judgment of section train occupation, real-time framing and sending of active transponder messages, etc

2. Lkdf-h temporary speed limit server (TSRs)

temporary speed limit server (TSRs) has the functions of formulating, storing, verifying, splitting, releasing and displaying the temporary speed limit of the whole line

3. The train control ground electronic unit (Leu)

the train control ground electronic unit (Leu) is installed in the cabinet of the ground train control center. It is mainly used to receive the message data transmitted by the train control center in real time and send it to the active transponder to realize the safe transmission of data

4. Leuw-h outdoor Leu system

the outdoor Leu system is installed at the trackside. When the length of the connecting cable between Leu and active responder is more accurate than 2.5km, it is necessary to realize the safe transmission of responder messages through the outdoor Leu system

5. Zpw-2000s track circuit

track circuit is mainly used to check the status of track section and send locomotive signal information to on-board equipment to realize train operation control

6. Signal safety data equipment

signal safety data equipment is mainly used to ensure the reliable transmission of safety information between wireless block center, temporary speed limit server, train control center and interlocking equipment

7. Lkdr-s and lkdr-h Radio Block Center (RBC)

Radio Block Center (RBC) is the key equipment in the CTCS-3 Train Control System. It is responsible for sending the information required for "speed distance" monitoring to the on-board equipment through the GSM-R radio communication system according to the physical characteristics of the line (such as slope, fixed speed limit of the line), transportation conditions and the status of other relevant systems


1. The newly-built 200 km/h ~ 250 km/h passenger dedicated line in China adopts CTCS-2 train control system, and the train control system of 300 km/h ~ 350 km/h passenger dedicated line adopts CTCS-3 function, which is compatible with CTCS-2 function

2. According to the introduction of Hollysys official, the company's main products include: lkd1-h2 station train control center system, electronic unit whose transponder is mainly determined by the supply and demand fundamentals, ctcsh on-board train control system, etc. CTCS2-200H on-board train control system is a new generation of train control system introduced and developed on the basis of Japanese digital ATC system and according to the requirements of China's CTCs technical standards. The introduction and development of CTCS2-200H on-board train control system is of great significance to realize the integration of China's train control technology with the world and speed up the development. Therefore, it is of great significance to use lm78053 terminal voltage regulator to stabilize the 12V voltage taken out and develop China's CTCs construction

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