WiFi without the hottest built-in TTS chip syn6658

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WiFi wireless remote voice announcer with built-in TTS chip syn6658

at present, with the rapid development of modern computer technology, multimedia technology and network technology, a new WiFi wireless remote voice announcer has completely solved these problems. It can kill time and increase knowledge. Of course, families with children are also a good choice. No matter where we go, we can carry a wireless remote voice broadcaster with speech synthesis technology, listen to novels and essays, and make our life rich and colorful

the voice broadcast system is composed of WiFi module, key circuit module, voice synthesis module and serial clock module. The main chips include the high-end TTS chip syn6658 developed by yuyintianxia company and the serial clock chip. It can display the current time and play voice information, adjust the current time, set the alarm time, and broadcast it in the form of voice after the alarm time

the voice broadcasting system does not need manual recording, and can broadcast any Chinese text. It has its own ringtone, prompt tone and adjustable volume. WiFi is connected to the wireless router. If the WiFi IP address is not easy to control, you can use the IP address to virtualize into a COM port for control. Each IP address can be virtualized into a com control, or all IP addresses can be virtualized into a COM port to control communication. In this way, as long as the upper computer software communicates through COM port, the communication can be realized immediately without modifying the software. No need to spend time to modify the communication software to tcp/ip communication. Each broadcaster has an IP address that can be controlled separately. With a wireless remote voice announcer, you can listen to and capture the required information on the spot

In the production process

for example, a total of 40 WUGUANZHONG prints are displayed in the sub venue, and each picture information is assigned a different wireless band. When visitors approach the picture, they can switch to the interpretation band of the picture according to the band marked below the picture, and then all the interpretation information of the picture can be played through the wireless voice broadcaster. The sound heard is clear, and I have an overall understanding of the exhibition. Many curious people said that the vivid interpretation method in the broadcaster must be paid attention to by the whole industry. The distance between the painting and the visitors makes it easier for visitors to feel the artistic charm in life. It is reported that it is necessary to calibrate the level; After the preload is added, the pointer jitters. For the first time, the branch venue uses information application technology to integrate into the culture. Through the information transformation of the venue inventory, such as asset information management, single artwork mobile early warning and on-site automatic voice broadcasting, the original complicated work is more organized and simplified, so as to improve work efficiency and reduce management costs

the addition of syn6658, a speech synthesis chip of yuyintianxia company, has improved the WiFi wireless remote broadcasting system, not only because the speech synthesis chip syn6658 has clear and comfortable sound, high naturalness, strong penetration, strong anti noise ability, and adjustable intonation and speed, which has greatly improved the naturalness and intelligent processing, and is similar to the voice of a real person. In addition, it has the text cache sorting function, which can ensure that the broadcast content is broadcast in the correct order of the sender, 100% accurate, and ensure that all received information is broadcast without any short pause between adjacent two messages, with strong consistency. It avoids the heavy losses caused by the wrong receiving sequence of information

speech synthesis technology is a new and high technology that enables machines to speak. It makes many devices automatic and intelligent. The WiFi wireless remote broadcaster embedded with text to speech technology can set up a lot of humanized warm sounds, making citizens' lives simpler and more intelligent than those of developing countries

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