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Baiyun District Power Equipment

Baiyun District Power Equipment - waste wire and cable professional recycling company

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which also brings a lot of development space to the plastic film blowing machine. Product brand is unlimited. Product model is unlimited. Production city is unlimited. Shipment city is unlimited. Total supply is unlimited. 111111 minimum starting order 1 product unit price is 25800 measurement units. Ton product details

business scope of the company: it is a professional Regular waste materials center. Relying on its strong economic strength, it strives for a win-win situation through sincere cooperation, and specializes in recycling various waste materials at high prices from individuals, units, manufacturers and businesses. Professional recycling of waste plastics, waste metals, waste industrial equipment, waste machinery and equipment, waste electronic and electrical equipment, waste cable recycling, waste air conditioning recycling, computers and accessories. He is good at contracting demolition projects as a whole, and has professionals to dismantle indoor and outdoor structures and restore the blank house. Mechanical demolition of buildings and large factories, responsible for garbage consignment and site cleaning

object oriented: hotels, shopping malls, hotels, teahouses, factories, docks, schools, manufacturers, enterprises, companies, banks, airports, bars, institutions, schools, supermarkets, places, colleges, companies, training departments Construction sites and families lzwhsgs

Baiyun District Power Equipment - Waste wires and cables professional recycling company

Product Introduction second hand cable recycling company provides all kinds of second-hand fluoroplastic cable recycling services at a high price for a long time, focusing on breakthroughs in material performance and composition control, production, processing and utilization and other technology fluoroplastic cable, English Name: fluoroplastic cable, used specifically to refer to wires and cables covered with Fluoroplastic. Fluoroplastic cable has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, small friction coefficient, stable chemical performance and good electrical insulation performance

2, excellent electrical performance: compared with polyethylene, fluoroplastic has a lower dielectric constant. Therefore, compared with coaxial cable with the same structure, fluoroplastic cable has less attenuation and is more suitable for high-frequency signal transmission. Nowadays, the use frequency of cable is getting higher and higher, which has become a trend. At the same time, because fluoroplastic can withstand high temperature, it is often used as the internal wiring of transmission communication equipment, Jumpers and video and audio cables between wireless transmission feeders and transmitters

2, the coaxial cable recycling inner conductor is a single or multi strand copper lead (tinned copper silver copper wire), with a diameter of 1.25~1.6mm. There are three kinds of absolute timing to check and revise the hydraulic experiment mechanism: A, fluoroplastic insulation, with a thickness of 0.5~0.7mm, B, fluoroplastic foam insulation, with a thickness of 2.5~3.0mm, C, the combination of fluoroplastic and polyethylene must never close the edge, that is, the inner layer is insulated with fluoroplastic, and the outer layer is insulated with polyethylene, The thickness of fluoroplastics is 0.04~

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