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China's power equipment has ushered in a procurement boom

due to the uncertain economic situation, European and American buyers have tightened their procurement of power equipment. However, emerging markets such as India, Russia and Southeast Asia still have strong demand for power products. As the world's largest power producer and consumer of microcomputer controlled liquid crystal displays, China's power equipment market is ushering in a wave of procurement at home and abroad

on September 26, the 2012 China International Electric Power Exhibition, hosted by the China Electricity Council, opened at the China International Exhibition Center. It was learned from this exhibition that in addition to more than 5000 visitors from 61 countries who registered to visit before the exhibition, nearly 20 institutions and enterprises organized visiting groups to visit the exhibition and purchase

20 buyer groups went to Beijing to purchase

China United Business Daily saw at the exhibition site that the National Electric Power Research Institute, the China Electric Power Research Institute, the Beijing survey and Design Institute of China Hydropower Consulting Group, the North China Electric Power Design Institute, the Beijing design branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation, Shanxi Tongmei group power company, Liaoning transmission and Transformation Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., Beijing China Railway Construction electrification design and Research Institute Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company, PetroChina East China design company Beijing Institute, Beijing Institute of mechanical industry automation and other domestic organizations participated in the exhibition

it is worth noting that this year's exhibition is more international. Including the Czech and Moravian electrical and Electronic Association, and the power industry delegation from India, Russia and Turkey all came to visit. Among them, the Russian side has organized a delegation of more than 60 people to visit and attend the Sino Russian enterprise trade fair

in the face of such a large group of buyers at home and abroad, 2012 China International Electric Power and electrician exhibition seems to have been prepared. As the organizer of this event, zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., told China United Business Daily that this exhibition combines overseas and local leading technologies, organized 800 well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors, and opened a total of 8 pavilions at Beijing old country exhibition. The exhibition area is more than 28000 square meters, a significant increase of 30% over previous exhibitions, breaking the record of previous exhibitions

according to the relevant person of China Electricity Council, among the exhibitors of previous exhibitions, the brands of joint venture and foreign-funded power equipment accounted for 65% - 70%, while among the exhibitors of this exhibition, the proportion of Chinese local brands reached more than 70%, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on the international power equipment market

Chinese local power equipment brands will become the main purchasing objects of these 20 buyer groups at home and abroad. This is a great event for China's power industry, which will bring more global business opportunities to China's power industry. A power equipment exhibitor told China United Business Daily that the electric power and electrician exhibition is the wind vane of the power industry, which indicates that the opportunity period for the development of China's power equipment market has come

temptation under favorable policies

what force attracted 20 buyer groups at home and abroad to purchase in Beijing? What is the power to turn over the market share of China's power equipment and break the monopoly of foreign and joint venture brands at one stroke

this is determined by the high growth of China's power equipment market. From the perspective of the national 12th Five Year Plan and medium and long-term goals, high-speed development is the general direction of China in the future. Zhu Yulun told China United that this material can also be used for screen business daily that compared with other industries, the power industry is more vulnerable to national policies, and this impact is long-term. For example, in the 12th Five Year Plan, we will spare no efforts to develop smart electricity, increase the efficiency and stability of power transmission, reduce waste and energy conservation and other policies

when it comes to energy conservation and emission reduction policies, insiders pointed out that China is in the stage of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the demand for energy continues to grow, and economic and social development is increasingly constrained by resources and environment. The active development and utilization of new energy is of great significance to increase China's energy supply, adjust the energy structure, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. This requires power equipment suppliers to increase the market research and development and funding of energy-saving and environmental protection power equipment and new energy power equipment. Min has also developed noble, high-end and gorgeous spray free materials of different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging customization

China United Business Daily saw at the exhibition site that in addition to traditional power equipment (such as transmission and distribution equipment, power generation equipment, power dispatching system, control system and testing power equipment, industrial power equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, etc.), new equipment and cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent electrical technology, environmental protection and energy saving technology were also displayed at the exhibition

however, the biggest policy highlight is the UHV and smart power construction plan implemented by the state. A relevant person from the China Electricity Council told the China United Business Daily that today's China is one of the countries with the largest demand and development of smart electricity in the world. Proceeding from China's national conditions, it is necessary to build a strong intelligent electricity with UHV as the backbone, coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and informatization, automation and interaction

according to his introduction, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's power industry will invest 6.1 trillion yuan to vigorously develop power supply and electricity construction, including 3.2 trillion yuan in power supply investment and 2.9 trillion yuan in electricity investment. All these have greatly promoted the development of energy-saving power technology and products, intelligent power technology and products with strong applicability in China, and also brought business opportunities for the technology upgrading and procurement boom in the power equipment market

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