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The dark tide of power battery recycling is surging, and it has been more than 8 years since the promotion and application of electric vehicles in China in 2009. With the development of new energy vehicles and the passage of time, the pressure of power battery recycling will be increasing

according to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, from January to September this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 424000 and 398000 respectively. By the end of 2016, the maximum sliding friction force of new energy vehicles in China was 1, and the number of new energy vehicles has exceeded 1million. According to the prediction of research institutions in the industry, the scrap volume of power batteries in China will exceed 248000 tons by 2020, about 20 times that of 2016

Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said recently that a producer extension system will be established for the recycling of power batteries for new energy vehicles. At present, the recycling of waste power batteries in China is significantly accelerating

I. the requirements of policies and regulations are becoming more specific

recently, the WTO official announced the Interim Measures for the administration of the recycling of new energy vehicle power batteries (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim Measures"). The Interim Measures clarify the requirements of power battery enterprises in the stages of design, production, sales, maintenance, replacement and recycling; And put forward specific requirements for owners, ladder utilization and recycling. The document is expected to be officially released by the end of December this year

through the review of policies over the years, battery China found that the requirements of national policies and regulations are becoming more specific, pointing out the direction for industrial development

second, the recycling market is enthusiastic

at present, China has a number of lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery recycling enterprises with relevant technology and high environmental protection level; Some have carried out a lot of work in the disassembly and recycling of automotive power batteries, accumulated practical experience, and even grabbed some profits. At the same time, it shows the latest innovations in the new thermoplastic materials and battery components it is currently developing. In order to meet the market demand brought by the large-scale promotion of new energy vehicles, some scientific research institutions are actively carrying out research on the recycling process and equipment of power batteries, and joint enterprises to carry out commercialization exploration

according to the statistics of battery China, the power battery and material enterprises that have arranged the recycling and dismantling business at present include: BYD, Waterma, GuoXuan high tech, catl, BIC battery, Santon new energy, AVIC lithium battery, mengshike plastic raw material market price affected by the world crude oil price rising year by year, Ganfeng lithium industry, etc; The third-party power battery recycling and dismantling enterprises include: green beauty, Hunan Bangpu, Ganzhou haopeng, Fangyuan environmental protection, jintaige, Changyou industry, wina environmental protection, Linyi Huakai, etc; In terms of echelon utilization, State Grid Corporation of China, China Academy of electrical Sciences, BAIC new energy, Pradesh, etc. have carried out demonstration projects such as echelon utilization and commercial energy storage

III. research and judgment of six major trends in the future

1. Power battery enterprises are stepping up their layout

it is understood that Tianjin Kerun and Tianjin Mengshi, under Mengshi technology, have actively participated in the operation of the project. For the retired battery pack of the automobile, the original manufacturer needs to extend the service life of the battery pack or carry out echelon utilization through the maintenance service of Tianjin Kerun; Tianjin Mengshi is responsible for recycling those not needed by the battery factory. The combination of the two creates a prerequisite for the rental service of retired batteries. GP energy also said that the company is actively deploying battery recycling business and will increase investment in the second half of this year and next year

2. Diversified cooperation modes need to be explored

before 2015, the sales volume of new energy electric vehicles was not large. At present, the recyclable batteries are limited, which makes it difficult for enterprises to form a large-scale effect. For enterprises, in addition to the need for environmental protection, survival is the primary task. Therefore, the exploration of diversified cooperation and operation mode has become a necessary condition for industrial development

3. The phenomenon of industrial chain agglomeration appears

some insiders said that under the new situation, the business model of "horizontal competition and single fighting" has obviously lagged behind, "holding together for warmth and showing their magic power" is the right way for enterprise development. This is not only the strategic choice of enterprise development, but also determined by the characteristics of the power battery recycling market (many participants, complex technical links, unclear revenue model, etc.). In the future, there will be "Big Mac" enterprises in this field

4. Accelerate the integration of industry, University, research and application

the healthy development of power battery recycling market is inseparable from the full integration of industry, University, research and use. For example, the automobile power battery echelon system utilization and recycling demonstration line jointly established by Beijing electric power company, Beijing University of technology and Prader has been put into operation, realizing the maximization of power battery utilization efficiency and environmental protection recycling. In the future, with the needs of industrial development, this trend will undoubtedly accelerate

5. Enterprises with "Double Qualifications" for recycling, such as Hunan Bangpu and greenmead, benefited

12. Adopt standard database management experimental data

the interim measures clearly stipulates the recycling main body of vehicle enterprises, and encourages vehicle enterprises, battery enterprises, scrap vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises and comprehensive utilization enterprises to jointly build and share the recycling channels of waste power batteries through various forms. Therefore, as a domestic comprehensive resource utilization enterprise with the qualifications of battery recycling and automobile recycling at the same time, BOPP and green beauty will undoubtedly "take a quick step" in the cooperation with vehicle enterprises

6. Let professional people do professional things

it is certain that with the channel of battery source and the design of echelon utilization with a better understanding of the whole life cycle of batteries, power battery plants or vehicle manufacturers should do echelon utilization work; In the case of high prices of precious metals, it is very important to reduce the cost of raw materials for batteries, and material recycling should be handed over to battery material enterprises and professional third-party recycling enterprises

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