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Xingren power equipment

Xingren power equipment - professional recycling of waste wires and cables for 30 years

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Shuchuan renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale recycling company, and has set up recycling sites in all regions of Sichuan, so as to provide customers with more convenient and fast recycling services

we have a customer reception center, and welcome customers from Chengdu and surrounding areas to negotiate business

our long-term home cash recycling hand air conditioners, air conditioners, metal materials, copper, iron, aluminum, overstock materials, wires and cables, second-hand equipment, stainless steel products, computer electrical equipment, all second-hand overstock recycling. Xingui waste material recycling station in Jinniu District has long recycled second-hand materials in Chengdu at a high price, including metal materials, copper, iron, aluminum, overstocked materials, second-hand equipment, stainless steel products, computer electrical equipment, plastic products, electric wires and stainless steel products. We have won the trust of many customers with integrity, credibility, warm and thoughtful service and good business reputation. With strong economic strength, we have become a leader in the circulation of second-hand materials and a comprehensive service unit integrating recycling, recycling, utilization and processing. Lzwhsgs

1, hot extrusion process when the temperature of the internal barrel of the extruder reaches 350 ° C-390 ° C, the price of the power battery of the working piston and oil cylinder cooperation space 3 yuan line and lithium iron phosphate line is more than 15% lower than that in December 2016, add F46 fluoroplastic into the hopper, use the thrust of the screw rod rotation, evenly and continuously wrap it on the conductive wire core through the molding die, and then set the shape after cooling. This method uses φ 30, φ 60, φ 90 and other high-temperature plastic extruders often produce fluoroplastic insulation products such as F46 and F40

generally within the specified weight range. In terms of price, due to the low production cost of fake and shoddy wires, vendors often sell at low prices under the guise of low price and good quality, which deceives people. Third, second-hand PVC cable recycling brands: long-term high price recycling of Baosheng brand wires and cables, Luneng Taishan wires and cables, Far East brand wires and cables to repay the society with better products and services, licensed wires and cables, Hengtong photoelectric brand electric operation convenience wires and cables, South cable brand wire and cable, Prysmian brand wire and cable, multicolored Jiangnan brand wire and cable and all kinds of imported brand wire and cable IV. 4. Recycling process of second-hand PVC cables with good quality: 1 Call price consultation.2 Door to door inspection.3 Good faith pricing 4 Contract agreement 5. Safe collection and disassembly 6. Site cleaning 7. Regular market return visit

the structure is single core, which is made of multiple stranded soft conductors. The conductive core is wrapped with heat-resistant polyester film insulation tape, and the outermost layer is made of rubber insulation and sheath as the protective layer. 2. Waterproof rubber sheathed flexible cable recycling JHS, jhsp Product Description: JHS waterproof rubber sheathed cable is used for transmitting electric energy on submersible motors with AC voltage of 500V and below

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